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Michigan Renaissance Festival Show – Dr. Infernal’s Shock and Awe Show

Now… the Michigan Renaissance Festival facebook page has this as Dr. Infernal’s Shock and Awe Show. When the show was done, Dr Infernal told me where to find them on facebook, but I forgot the name of the show. As you can see though, I at least found his facebook page, so that’s something. That might even be the name he gave me, who knows, I sure don’t.

The show is your basic fire-eating, whip cracking, head nailing, bed of nails laying show and as such is entirely dependent on the skill of the performers to be any good or not. These photos are not the best I’ve ever taken, because the light and hunger were working against me. However, I got some good shots and computers are wonderful things for fixing mistakes right?

Anyway, let’s look at some pictures, shall we?

This is the man himself, and he gave a very good act.


The assistant in the show was a young lady who goes by the name of Jade Ashekerra.

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