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Attention Please

Okay, so you need to look at this post.

Long story short, the sweetest girl in all of California is in dire need of some funds.

She’s selling some stuff on e-bay, she has an Art Fire Store and doing readings. Go check out what she’s got going on, okay?

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What you call it

The One Night Stand. I’ve heard it called many things over the years. I don’t intend to mention all of them here, but I do intend to talk about a couple. Not so much the terms, but the euphemistic ways they talk about it.

One friend slightly callously, in my mind anyway, referred to the event as “I picked her up, and when I was done I put her back down again.” However, it was only slightly callous and to be honest, it was extremely accurate. Besides, she said something similar about them, so it balanced out really.

Another friend, sort of romantically and playful said of such a situation, “We were at a party, and she followed me home.” I like that one a bit better, it’s got some breath of innocence and fun to it.

My favorite however is still “She threw herself at me, and I caught her.” which provides me with all the things I enjoy, forward women and gallant souls who accept offers from forward women. Well, I really like forward women, if I’ve never mentioned that before.

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