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Is Google Changing Memory

Much of this infographic is accurate, although I would argue more for The Internet and Computers in general instead of just Google.

It is also an example of history repeating itself.

I’m reminded of a part from The Day the Universe Changed when James Burke was talking about memory palaces and how the need for them was destroyed by the printing press. Pretty much everything in that infographic can be said about how books affected people as well, on both the good and the bad sides.

We went from remembering stories as narratives “I remember when they started working on the castle because that was the year Cassie was born. They opened the castle when Cassie got her first tooth, and she was about eleven months old then. Now she’s fourteen, so the castle was built thirteen years ago.” to remembering a series of facts “The castle was built 13 years ago.” and with the internet you can look up “Castle Tooth was built in 1998. LOL! 4:20! I smoke weed every day of my life.”

Everything they are saying here about Google, someone once said about books. And we know this, because they or someone else wrote it down. I can’t remember where of course, because my memory Palace is full of viewing screens with high def audio. I’m a visual and auditory learner, I’ve got a memory theater going on. Well, that and the memory warehouse, but we leave those boxes sealed and stacked for a reason.

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My problem with Tarot readings

Every once in a while someone mentions tarot card readings, or palm readings, or astrology, or even diving the future through pizza crumbs. Invariably, I decline the offer, often swiping away any errant crumbs of whatever pizza I’m eating at the time.

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