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Photo post for today


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MORE PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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More photos of stuff


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Another of Those Moments

I was sitting here, in my office, pretending that looking out my window and watching the birds/clouds/waves with introspection was a thing I do. I no longer have waves, as we moved out of the place with a pond. Birds were always more of a thing at the condo, and I couldn’t see them from my desk as it was. I got clouds, but my blinds are actually closed enough that I can’t see them. This my dears, my darlings, my lovelies, is where the pretending comes in.

Now, I could just sit here and write a review for The Maltese Falcon, and I may very well do just that a bit later, but right now I want something that requires less research and more mindless typing on the keyboard. It’s not time for a pic post, I’m not in a mood to make a poll, and the poly Q&A is behind us for the nonce. That leaves us for a brief moment with a desire to talk, but nothing to talk about. This is a situation we have not been in for sometime. Mostly, in the most recent of our memories, I have had no desire to talk and have instead relied on photos and mild profanity to get me through the day. While I feel as able as anyone to try and get through the day with the help of the phrase “pouty-assed cocksucker” I feel today that more is expected of me and should be.

The problem is, I have very little to write about today and would rather walk with a sweetheart in the gently falling rain. The problem here is that Syd says she does not want to go walking today, because we had a busy afternoon and she is tired. This wouldn’t be a problem if I had another sweetheart close at hand.

SO! Here is what I need from you. If you would like to be my sweetheart, or at least pretend for a night, come on over and walk in the rain with me. We can talk about whatever, so long as it’s not about family, work or multilevel marketing. If you’re very lucky, I won’t read you some of my poetry while we walk. Most my poems are inexorably bad and can only be borne for a few minutes at a time without needing a scrub down and a stiff drink.

Still, if you hurry, you can get here before the rain ends and we’ll have a lovely walk. By the end, I might have thought of something to write about.

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Pics (now with added people)


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39 ways to make turkey

I have 39 recipes for turkey in my huge stack of cook books. Some of them are from Chinese and Indian cookbooks, lands where I feel turkey is probably not even a native bird.

I don’t want to cook turkey, I want to cook goose. You know how many recipes I have for that?


Just one from the City Tavern Cookbook and that requires me to cut the bird in 16 pieces.

Sooo, I’ll have to find a way to cook a roast goose on my own, without my books. If only there was some massive resource, beyond my stack of cookbooks, where I could look up how to prepare food. Some sort of super-highway of information, perhaps in the form of a series of tubes, where I could find such a thing as I’m hoping to find.

Sadly, such a thing only exists in the dreams of sci-fi dweebs and computer geeks, and those dreams NEVER come true.

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Polyamory Q&A: Question 12

Have you had any other forays into poly other than your V with Syd and Holly? Or was that a triad? I get confused.

It was a V and then it became a triad, and then things went wrong and now we’re a couple.

There were others, some we were in a quasi relationship, some wanted to be in a relationship, and some wanted in on the ride but couldn’t make the sanity throw. If you read this post and this post, you’ll get an idea.

I’m at odds as to whether or not I should give more details, or what kind I should give if I do at this point. Not because I’m worried about annoying someone or going TMI, but simply because I’ve written about that before, and this is just clarification and refreshing the memory. You could hit the poly tag and go back a few pages, I’ve written a few things on the subject. Alternatively, you could grab the sexuality tag and check that out.

I think we’re at the end of what I wanted to say at the moment, and you guys seem to be all out of questions. As proof of that, we have the next entry…

I haven’t got any more general poly questions. 😦

Well then, I guess we’d better stop for a while and consider this series closed at an even dozen. If you have specific questions, you can e-mail me, if you have non-poly questions, I’ll put up another poll in a few days.

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More Greenfield Village Photos


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