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There is a new burger place called Bagger Dave’s in our area. AVOID THIS PLACE! Do not go there, they will fuck up your order, a lot. I got my order fucked up three times and after that I didn’t even look at it to see if it was right. I can’t say that I ate at this shit hole, I can only say I tried to eat there. Also, fucking over priced! Had they not decided to take the food I wasn’t able to eat off the bill, magnanimously I should add, it would have cost us about $80 to eat there. FOR BURGERS!

The first problem is in ordering, you don’t just look at a menu and order. There are little slips of paper, each one has a series of options fore things you can have on your burger that you check off. I’m not sure why they do this, because they clearly don’t pay attention to what you’ve selected. Every person at our table had their order screwed up to various degrees. Mine was not right in any way. It was completely screwed up.

They made mine a double large, when I’d selected a small burger, and they covered it in all kinds of crap like green olives that I didn’t order. My fries were similarly screwed. Nothing was right about the first order I got, mine was the worst of the bunch.

Now here’s the funny part, the waitress argued with us about what we ordered. She told us that, no, we totally ordered that. She could have brought out the cards, but instead she just decided to tell us we were stupid for complaining about them screwing up our order. I explained, as politely as I could, that I did not want green olives on my burger and she would kindly send it back and get me a new one.

So I sent it back, and they brought back the wrong order again. A different wrong order, I’ll admit that, but still wrong. The single through line of these burgers was the inclusion of those green olives, which the waitress kept insisting that I wanted. The third time the fries were right, but the burger was still covered in green olives. And when I say covered, we’re talking about a quarter of a cup of the fucking things. There was more green olive than meat on this burger. At this point, I was so annoyed that I didn’t even want to look at the thing so I set it on the floor.

When the waitress came back she looked at the table with confusion and then at everyone but me who was pointing at the floor. I was no pointing at the floor because I was asking Syd at what point was I allowed to just leave this fucking place. The waitress picked the burger from the place I’d deposited it (on the plate, I’m not a complete asshole) and set it on the table and asked me what was wrong with it this time. To which I pulled the top of the bun off, showed her the incredible mountain of green olives and spoke. “The main point in telling you I didn’t want green olives on the burger, was that I didn’t want green olives on my burger.”

Now mind, this was the THIRD burger she had brought, and this was the THIRD time I’d explained my position on the green olive issue. This was the third time we were going through this bullshit song and dance of her telling me what I ordered and my telling her that I didn’t want what was presented and that she should make an adjustment. At this point the waitress saw the light of day and admitted that maybe I didn’t want green olives after all and that she had been misunderstanding what I thought was a simple point of “I don’t want green olives” to somehow mean that I wanted more green olives that anyone had ever had before. She got me a fourth burger, which I didn’t even look at because I was so disgusted with the process at that point.

No one at the table enjoyed their burgers in case you’re wondering. “Sub-Red Robin Levels” was the judgment from the panel of burger eating experts. Also, at Red Robin, they usually get my order right the first time. I’m not even all that fond of Red Robin, but they aren’t complete and total fuck-ups like the shit heads at Bagger Dave’s are.


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  1. You were being very nice; I would have been raising all kinds of hell after they brought me the wrong burger the second time! That waitress must have had green olives on the brain, although I’m having a hard time seeing how they work on a burger; I’d think black olives would work better – less saltiness, more olive flavor.

    Eighty dollars to hang out and have burgers? That’s insane to have to pay that kind of money for the wrong food and very bad service; again, you were a nice guy because I would have had the manager’s head on the plate – and with all those fucking olives.

    Comment by kdaddy23 | October 2, 2011 | Reply

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