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Drop a penny in the hat, every penny helps.

I would like to remind you of my friend’s appeal for help. Or, if you want to buy something, go visit her store where you can buy much interesting jewelry.

There is also Syd’s page on Extra Life, which helps kids in hospitals.

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I make a pretty damn good quiche, even if I do say so myself.

I make a pretty damn goo quiche, even if I do say so myself.

I forget why I decided to make one the first time I tried, but I wanted to make something Syd could have as soon as she got home, and would keep form a while. The internet says that they can keep for a week or two in the fridge and a couple of months in the freezer. They are also fairly cheap, and better for you than a Big Mac (which I’ll admit is not saying much) so they’ve got that going for them.

I can actually cook many, many things, but today I’m bragging about quiche because I can. It was moist and delicious, it was F’in good ham quiche. I don’t normally go in for eggs, but I’m okay when they’re mixed up with ham and spinach and cheese and other things. I don’t make pie crusts though, I buy them. No one has ever noticed, but I’m sure you’ll all pretend to now.

It me thinking about cooking though, and how I went about it.

I started with lunch, because I wanted to feed myself. My mother once didn’t want to go to the trouble of making me something, probably alphabet soup, and instead of waiting for her, I did it myself. After that, it got easier and easier to cook for myself. Still though, until I was about ten or eleven I only ever made lunch type things.

I made Dinner because I wanted to cook for others. Well… partly I wanted to cook for other people, partly I wanted to control what we were eating. I wanted to have the dish I wanted to have, and who was going to stop me from making dinner? Still though, because I was getting to an age where being able to cook was a good thing. Most my friends could not or would not cook, so my doing it meant that I fed a lot of people in my time.

Finally, I learned to make breakfast for… the most obvious of reasons. Maybe they’re not obvious to you, but three people who know me just nodded their heads sadly. I don’t actually eat breakfast myself, but I understood that females do sometimes eat the most important meal of the day. So I learned to cook pancakes, fry and egg, make an omelet, and of course… waffles! I can now produce a range of breakfast items, most of which I don’t actually eat myself. However, by the time making breakfast for a lover who had stayed the night became an issue, the complexities had already been established and making breakfast isn’t the same under those circumstances. Still, I can make Syd an omelet now and then, so it all works out and I make a good damn quiche.

No I am not stalling! I am going to look up those recipes in a moment, I just happened to have this on my mind and thought I would share. Okay?

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