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Trouble abrewin’

“First they came for the rich, and I said nothing. Because, you know, fuck those guys.”
— Steve Davis upon Winning the Snooker World Championship.

I do hope the Oakland Police enjoyed themselves today. This is one more step in a chain, and pretty soon some asshole is going to decide to do something stupid and push back against the police. I must remind you, this is America. Home of the free, land of the fucking armed to the goddamn teeth. And make no mistake, it is extremely stupid to allow this thing to get violent. I admit that, even though I’m thinking that violence is the logical end of this series of events. I’ve got history on my side on this one, and the history says that violence begets violence until some motherfucker gets his motherfucking head cut off and put on a motherfucking pike.

People take to the streets as a last resort, many of them have nothing to loose and everything to gain. They’re scared or they’re angry, and many of them are just plain frustrated enough to be swept up once the shit hits the fan. And history tells me shit will hit the fan, because we’ve had a taste of the good life and we’re just selfish enough to go to stupid drastic measures to get it back.

This will not be a good thing. In all honesty, revolt sucks. Counter revolt sucks harder. Remember, there is nothing like overwhelming support of the OWS movement. Lots of people would want to fight such a revolt simply because it is a revolt and they disapprove of that sort of thing. Waves of petty recriminations, back biting and infighting suck to the limit and beyond. I don’t actually want to see bankers dragged out of their offices and beaten to death in the streets, because that story ends with the death of some poor bastard whose only real crime was being a little too smug about a car he could afford through no actual effort or fault of his own. Sadly, we’ve already seen that the police in many cities haven’t quite worked out what kind of movement this is and seem to think they’re going to crush it when really all they can do is transform it.

I’m not interested in bloodshed, but I fear that’s where this thing is headed and the harder either side pushes, the faster we’ll get there. The problem is of course, pushing is everyone’s natural response. The other problem is, telling everyone on one side to go home won’t work and neither will telling everyone on the other side to stop being fucknuggets. Sooo, I guess we’re likely in for some trouble. As far as I can see, it’s not just down to betting on when the balloon will actually go up.

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