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I Am No One’s Hero

I sometimes have the distinct and clear impression that I am not looked up to by anyone. This clearly isn’t true, because I’ve got my young assistant at work and at least one or two fans on the internet. However, I never seem to get anything right enough anymore to actually attain anyone’s admiration. Anyone still hanging on at this point is only hanging on from before, when I was a promising young scribbler and it looked like I might be going somewhere. But somewhere turned out to be no where and the promise went unfulfilled. I’ve got some stories written down, and I’ve told what might be some interesting tales, but nobody cares. It’s very hard to keep writing when it feels like no one is reading.

Yes, I could have done more to try and attract attention to my writings, but a lot of what is required is either beyond my means or beneath my character. And to what end? There has been very little in the way of practical encouragement, and we know what I mean by practical. Yes, those of you who have read for a long time keep reading, but I don’t seem to be engaging any but a small few. That’s incredibly frustrating, and it doesn’t help that my own scattered brain has kept me from providing a coherent run of regular content that would keep coming back every Tuesday. Even when I have premade content, I forget to post it.

Besides, I could almost sum up the whole debacle that followed my slink from “Promising/Young” status by using one of the worst lines from Pearl Harbor, “And then all this happened.” We all know what happened, we don’t need to dwell on the whole story, just an alliterative list will do. Deaths, disintegration of relationships, depression, desperation, but not drunkenness, for which I deserve a fucking cookie or something. Yeah, there is no point to this, you’ve just got to trust me that I’ll make a point later. That’s probably not a good thing to trust me on though, I seem to make so few coherent points lately.

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