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Old Man demands kids get off his lawn, film at 11

It’s very sad to see someone be so incredibly intellectually dishonest. It’s also very sad to see someone whittle down the definition of art until he conveniently has it to the point that video games can’t fit and then says “HA! There! I proved it!” I’ve read the books and philosophers he’s using to back up his arguments, and he’s misquoting some and either failed to understand others or is picking and choosing quotes to fit his already narrow world view. That’s even sadder, because of the dishonesty I mentioned.

The linked rant is a very sad read for any intelligent being, because the writer of it is clearly being deliberately obtuse, and dishonest with their words and ideas.

There is a comparison some idiots make in the Games/Art argument. Citizen Kane, they claim, is art. It isn’t by the way, its a bloated piece of shit and I have to stick needles under my toe nails to stay awake while watching it. Mortal Kombat, they claim, is not art. Okay, I’ll bite. Is Mean Guns Art? In terms of storytelling, they’re both about the same. We pick off contenders until the last one or so is left and they fight for the prize. AND! The movie versions of both have Christopher Lambert! An actor known for picking people off until only one remains and he gets the prize because of Highlander. Are we at High Art yet? My point is that it’s unfair to compare one of the bits of dreck to something you consider to be great to try and win an argument.

Do we want to compare?


Transformers: Dark of the Moon Vs. The Myst Masterpiece Edition
Verdict – Movies are not art (BOOM!)

Interview with the Vampire Diaries of Edward Sparklepants and his paramour Anita Blake Vs GoldenEye
Verdict – Books are not art (POW!)

That stupid Marilyn Monroe thing Warhol made Vs. Portal
Verdict – Paintings are not art (ZOWIE!)

A high school bathroom Vs. CoD 4: Modern Warfare
Verdict – Architecture is not art (Baysplosions!)

I could go on all day, but the single fact that those comparisons are not fair and further that they’re kinda bullshit is glaringly obvious. However, so are some of the arguments laid at the feet of video games, so I don’t mind.

Bottom line, are games art? Yes. A new form, a different kind, one that needs to be understood on its own terms and for its own merits. Even under the claims of some, that video games allow a player to have freedom to go where they want instead of sticking to the path chosen by the creator isn’t true. Video games are amazingly linear and rigidly mapped out. A few try not to look that way, and a few even manage not the feel that way, but the games can only really be played in a certain order and if you skip bits it becomes like skipping pages in a book or leaping ahead in a movie because you find the kissing bits boring or not looking at the entire painting because there aren’t any boobs in this one.

And why does it matter? Because a toy can be censored in several countries, but art cannot. Is that simple enough for you? As movies loose ground to video games, it’s important to give them the same intellectual protections so that their freedom of expression isn’t squashed by some bureaucrat who has decided that The Kids are getting too hard to control with their video games and their ipads and their wanting equal protection under the law and that it’s time for some good old fashioned repression.

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