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5 things (Marshmallow Edition)

1. Made some Rice Crispy Treats yesterday from my own marshmallows. They are better than yours, because of the home made marshmallowness.

2. Going to buy some agar and see how vegan marshmallows turn out. I want to make sure that vegans can have marshmallows too. The Internet claims that agar can be swapped for powdered gelatine on a one-to-one ratio. The only thing that gets me is WOW(!) agar is waaaay more expensive than gelatin. Not going to buy it today, that’s for damn sure.

3. You can use pomegranate juice instead of water when you make marshmallows. I assume cranberry, grape, apple, and prune juice would also work.

4. If you boil too much liquid off your syrup, you can add some back during the mixing process, but this is dangerous as you’d need to know exactly what the mixture should look like while mixing or you could over do it. I actually under did it, so that batch was still kind of stiff, but as Syd is just going to put them in hot cocoa, it doesn’t really matter. You can’t add sugar if you didn’t boil enough, you get gritty mallows. Perhaps if I try with powdered next time…

5. It still feels like I’ve performed a magic trick every time I pull one of these marshmallow out and munch one. I did this, I made this thing, I can produce candy! I can add pomegranate juice to the mix and feel like some sort of culinary god, because no one I know can even conceive of the idea of making a marshmallow in their own kitchen. At least know one I know IRL, some of you internet people probably know about it.

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Retroflix Advent Calendar Door #20

20! We’ve got to door 20! A Garfield Christmas is behind door 20 #retroflixadventcalendar

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