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This Again?

Every time I see a list of worst movies, like say this one for VEWPRF movies, all I can think is “You haven’t seen many movies, have you?”

Because let me tell you, all of those movies are GOLD! PURE F’n GOLD! Compared to some of the dreck I’ve been prepared to watch over the years, those movies they mentioned are high points of excellence. I mean all five of those are at least actual movies.

I notice, for example that they mention “Silent Night, Deadly Night” but not “Silent Night, Deadly Night II“, which is a far, FAR worse movie. In fact, it’s so bad that SNDN2 is barely a movie, more a collection of scenes barely connected by stock footage. Jingle All The Way might be a stupid movie, but it has a plot, a protagonist, an antagonist, and holds to a three act structure. And where the hell is Christmas Evil? Or the 1959 Mexican Santa Claus?

Herein lies the problem. I can name five movies, off the top of my head, that make Santa Claus Conquers the Martians seem like Citizen Kane. In that it makes it seem like a not-very-good movie that lots of people know about and most people haven’t seen. This all touches upon my old post “You think that movie is bad?” from a while ago. Why even bother going into worst movie territory? No matter how bad your list, someone can trump the supposed worst with something really bad. It just makes the writer look like they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. And if you do know what the hell you’re talking about, what exactly is the prize? I mean… I’ve watched Silent Night, Deadly Night II, and believe me there is no prize. No one wins when you watch that thing.

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Retroflix Advent Calendar Door #21

We have arrived at the twenty-first door, which contains The Rugrats Chanukah Special #retroflixadventcalendar

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