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Five things (Current Events Have Presented a Need for These Statments Edition)

1. Until yesterday, it never occurred to me just to what extent snow storms play merry hell with autofocus. Seriously, I was trying to get a picture and all I was getting was the whir of the motor as the lens tried to fix on every falling flake.

2. 8/5ths of the time, when this blog goes silent and merely presents photographs, it’s not because I’ve got nothing to say, but rather I’ve got no energy to say it.

3. I seem to have lost my ammo pack with my SD and business cards in it at the zoo. I know this, because someone at the zoo e-mailed me to let me know he’d found it and would hold it for me. I’ll have to go back there tomorrow. I had a feeling that might happen with my new map bag, because the little pocket has no secure buttons for it.

4. In related news, I need new cards, a card case, half a pack of cigarettes and sunglasses that I can wear when it gets dark.

5. Going to have to make marshmallows next week, and take photos of the process for a new project that I’ll discuss later.

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