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Star Wars 3D

Last week, Syd and I saw Sam and Max Star Wars – Episode One: The Phantom Hourglass Menace in 3D!

So here’s the thing…

The 3d looked nice, probably the best post converted 3D you’re going to see, but it added very little to the whole thing. That was my feeling anyway.

BUT… Okay here’s the thing.

We got the Star Wars saga on Bluray for VEWPRF. I asked for it because while I wanted it, I didn’t want it to be my fault that we owned it.

Syd and I watched Ep 1 and came to the conclusion that the movie just does not hold up. It’s too slow, the dialogue sucks, it was easy to fall into MSTing the movie. Jar Jar is annoying (but less so than the waves of fanboys who bitched about him for 10 fucking years solid) and I still expect to have a Jam Handy movie break out when Anakin asked “I’ve been wondering, what are midichlorians?”

So we’ve got that right?

Only… so… like… the movie WORKED for me this time. It worked in a way that it didn’t work the first time I saw it.

Maybe it was the years of getting used to it, maybe it was the 3D, maybe it was the big screen, maybe it was being sat between 30-40something losers on my right and 8-12 year olds on my left and preferring the latter group’s reaction, but I was able to leave all the BS behind and just enjoy the movie. For a movie that is so clearly crap, that’s a big accomplishment. Maybe the 3D played a bigger roll that anyone wants to admit. I don’t know, I just know that at the end I turned to Syd, much like I had three weeks earlier and said “It works a lot better on the big screen than it does in our living room.”

So yeah, I enjoyed it. The kids sitting next to us, who might have been seeing it for the first time, they enjoyed it. I have no idea if the geeks on the right enjoyed it, I sort of blocked them out because of their constant whining that this one doesn’t have Portman’s nipples erect against her white shirt.

I liked it, and now I have to wait a year to watch Ep 2 The Wrath of Khan in 3D.

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