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The Emerald Partition: We Are Not Peers

As you may know, I’ve been listening to an audiobook of Schindler’s Ark this week. I mention this because I want to discuss a pair of thought tracks that some minds went down on Thursday.

I’d just gotten to a part of the book, where the lack of action toward the Holocaust is described in a few simple phrases. I’ve always understood that the claims Jewish groups made about what the Nazi’s were doing during the event were extraordinary, and required equally extraordinary proof. That proof was hard to come by, but why was there such a resistance to believing that the Nazis, history’s go-to example of what happens when you put bullies in charge and reward them for douchey behavior, might be killing people. And there was resistance to the idea, no one seemed to want to believe it, no one wanted to talk about it, serious people, who knew the Nazi mind set thought that the whole Death Camp thing was no more than a conspiracy theory. But why? Well, for once, this book explained it. In the span of one simple paragraph.

In essence, who would believe the Germans were so stupid? Why would they build camps, requiring tons of building material, land, specialized workmen, the trains, trucks and fuel to get them there just to wipe people out? Then you’ve got an army of guards, an arsenal of guns, reams of ammo, tons of food, clothes and heating fuel. All the diverted trains, all the wasted gas, all the money just blown away and all this during a war that Germany was more or less loosing. And for what? To kill a labor force that they were both exploiting and depleting. Who would believe that anyone could be so incredibly dim witted to as to carry on such an operation while resources were stretched so thin?

I’d never really heard anyone put it that way before, though I more or less understood it. It put an easily understood, simple statement to hold out to people when they ask the question next time.

This was the section I listened to while I was at lunch that day. The bit about how no one would believe such an across the board waste of resources. When I got out of lunch, I returned to the conversation that had been going on for four hours and would go on for another four.

“Yeah, I hear it’s going to snow really hard tonight. Four inches, maybe ten!”

Now, I could cut and paste that about five hundred times until you get the point, but I won’t because I love you. Every customer, every co-worker, all they wanted to know about was the snow. No, not the snow, not really. The Idea of Snow. The snow, that existed in potentia.

One other person in the place reads, at least as far as I know. I’ve seen her with a book, even asked her about it, but it was for a class, so that doesn’t count, why am I using so many commas, this sentence is getting quite run-onny, and sort of silly, but I don’t care, I’ve started this way, I’m gonna end this way.

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