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Point: Joker

Let me ask you something. What do you call someone who dresses up like a woodland animal and beats the least fortunate among us into a bloody pulp? Would you call him a hero? Would you admire him, because he wanders the streets at night and attacks people who have been beaten so far down that they are forced to steal? Would you look up to a man who nightly endangers a child by dressing him up inn a bright yellow cape and involving that child into regular altercations with dangerous individuals?

Of course not! You would call that man a lunatic, and I know lunacy when it punches me in my pastey white face.

What do we really have here? A man, and it is just one, not rotating group. I can tell you that. Anyway, we have a man who has decided to appoint himself the police for a local area. And yes, occasionally I escape and make things interesting, but what about when I don’t? What does Batman do when there is no Joker to amuse him?

I’ll tell you what he does. He beats up Negroes and Latin Americans when he can’t beat someone “important” enough to be really engaging. He flies around the poorest parts of the city and busies himself with street crime. Only when I start killing people, does this fascist leave off his one man crusade of ethnic cleansing. True, he never directly kills anyone, but he does make sure that the privately run prisons are chock full of minorities, doesn’t he? Unless he doesn’t leave enough evidence, which is quite often, and then it’s just a man in a suit beating up a possibly innocent civilian.

Does he ever go after bankers? The corrupt officials? The contractors who have left Gotham such an ugly city? No, of course not. The people who brought Gotham City to the sorry state it’s in today, who took all the jobs away, who made it hard for a decent man to make a decent living, those… he leaves alone. He’s even seen with some of those prominent citizens.

And do you want to know why? Because he’s one of them. Oh yes, it’s easy to see that only a billionaire would be able to pay for the suits, the cars, the planes, and all those batarangs. You’d have to waste millions on that set up, only a few people could afford to pull it off, and only one or two possess the physic among that group. A plus B people, A plus B. Of course I know, I’ve known for years, but I choose to play the game fair and square.

Yes friends, Batman is not only the 1%, he’s also the weapon of the 1%, trying to keep the other 99% in their place.

My own story is different, I had a wife and we were expecting a child. Until a Waynetech stove exploded and killed them both, that is. Then I was strong armed into committing a crime, because I was poor and had no money. My entire life, what little there was to speak of, was ripped away in a single day. Everything was taken from me, even my face, because of the greed of other men.

When I get out of here again (seriously they have to update their water supply system at some point) I will redouble my campaign and this time I will destroy him, rather than getting distracted or deciding the world is more interesting with him in it. This time, I will stand, shoulder to shoulder, with my oppressed brothers and say “No more!” to the tools of oppression.

I am The Joker, and I am the 99%!

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