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Point: Lex Luthor

What is he? A god? An alien? Some kind of ubermench wrought in a lab that could only be believed in tales of the Third Riech? I’ll tell you what he is, an interfering busy body.

What official power does Superman have? None. He never has to come to court, never has to provide a written report of his actions, never has to do much of anything other than what he chooses to do. He is a self appointed police officer, judge, jury and in some cases, even an executioner, or at least jailor. No one asked him to do this, he just does it because he’s decided that he knows better than anyone else, how the world should be run.

We have no freedom, because a self-anointed god sits in judgment over each and everyone one of us. He uses his great powers not to prevent natural catastrophes, but to fight the stream of super powered gunslingers that he brings to our city just by being here. He uses them to spy on the people of our city, to harass the business owners, to attack anyone who doesn’t fit his personal moral code which is so narrow a laser would have trouble pointing down it without brushing the sides.

And he has those hideaways in freezing climbs, those space prisons where he keeps those he ahs decided can’t stand proper trials, and of course, there is that city he has kept in a bottle for years. Lord only knows what imagined sin the people of that particular Gomorra committed before he shrank them down and made all its citizens prisoners. Superman is not one of you, he is one of them.

Superman is the 1%

I, however, have worked hard for what I have. I was born in the worst slum of Metropolis. My parents were killed when I was still a child, and yet I have worked my way up to become the CEO of one of the largest tech companies in the world. I support charities, have created thousands of new jobs, and I have even bailed out several of my competitors when the crash came and it looked like thousands might suddenly be out of work. I have done everything to keep the fate of mankind, in the hands of mankind.

I promise nothing but hard work, struggle, and the freedom to live without the need for supermen to save us. We can do this together, we can all stand tall.

I am Lex Luthor, and I have crossed from the 99%, to the 1%, but I still remember my roots. I am with you, brothers and sisters, I am with you.

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