I'll come up with something in a minute.

Allow us to discuss games for a moment.

Syd is playing Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time IN 3D on her 3ds, and the game froze, which caused her to turn the machine off, and loose her progress because she hadn’t saved in some time.

This caused me to complain.

In the old days, our games didn’t freeze, the game play didn’t have to stop.

Unless you were on Windows, then the shit froze all the time.

Or on a console, one where proper testing hadn’t occurred.

Or on a board. Watching a board game freeze will change you, make you realize that there isn’t much good in the universe. I once watched a Monopoly game sit frozen for three years, before someone finally shut it down and put the stupid thing away.

After that, I never played monopoly again. Unless there was a chance to look down a pretty girl’s shirt when she reached across the board, because I am nothing if not a pig.

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