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FIRST! First girl anyway… even though it isn’t!

So Hunger Games is doing quite well at the old Box Office, which is nice. I’m always glad that something people actually seem to enjoy is making the big bucks. That people went in droves to Transformers 3, just so they could lament what a piece of shit it was (Seriously, parts one and two didn’t clue you in?) confounds and saddens me.


I am having a problem. People keep going on like this is the first time EVAR that a Fantasy / Sci-Fi movie has had a female protagonist. This kind of pisses me off, because I sit there going yeah, yeah. Except of course for Tangled… The Tomb Raider movies… Underworld Series… Lady Snowblood… Terminator Movies that have Sarah Connor… Buffy… Kill Bill… Alien series… Xena… The Wizard of Oz… yeah, first evar!

I know, the field is way over wang-haver-fied. I know that there is nothing even close to balance for female protagonists…I just get annoyed that every time a strong female is featured, it’s like everyone hits the reset button. Everyone suddenly acts like there has never been a girl in a movie before.

There are lots of movies with women, strong women, who are even respected by geeks (a notoriously misogynistic crowd*) and to pretend that none of them exist just so you can be excited because this new movie features a boob-haver as the main character pisses me right the fuck off.

*Don’t bullshit me, you fuckers hate chicks more than any other group I’ve ever been around and you need to fucking work on that shit.

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