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Five, Five and Five Equals Me

I once had a young lady pose a question to me. It was during a flirtation (that didn’t end up going anywhere because I was being “too glacial” for her tastes) and as such we were knee deep in the “Getting to Know You” phase. It was a pretty good question, and I think I flubbed the answer. Yes, I still worry about these things a decade and half (or so) later. The question was “What five books, five movies and five albums would give me the best idea of who you are as a person. Maybe not the ones you like the most, but the ones that had the biggest influence on you.” Or words to that extent. I couldn’t provide satisfactory answers at the time, but I’ve had time to think about it and probably could now. Reasons weren’t asked for at the time, just titles, although the reasons for choosing each one might have been explored upon later.

5 Books
The Red Box By Rex Stout – This is the first really good Nero Wolfe book. There are better books in the series, but if you want the first one that was really great, this is the one to read. Some of you probably know my views on Nero Wolfe by now.

The Hobbit By J.R.R. Tolkien – Because it’s The Hobbit. You need to read The Hobbit.

The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald – This above all others, was the first real piece of literature that I didn’t just plain hate. There has to be something in that.

The Thin Man by Dashiell Hammett – a hugely influential book on my writing style as far as detective stories goes. I like the movie, but the book is better.

Connections By James Burke – there wasn’t room in the pervue of the questions for a TV series, so I’m cheating and putting it in here because there is a book version.

5 Albums
Early Alchemy by Acoustic Alchemy, while Arcanum would probably be a better choice realistically, there would not be the opportunity to listen to the early version of Sarah Victoria and that would be a tragedy.

Narada Decade this is a compilation of some of the music from Narada’s first ten years. I like this sort of music. I find when people say they don’t, I can almost always find a song on this or the second Decade collection that they get into.

Diamonds and Pearls by Prince There has to be a Prince album on the list, and most peoiple won’t get it if I point them towards The Batman album.

Travelers & Thieves by Blues Traveler – this is not the album most people would pick when choosing something from Blues Traveler, but it’s what I choose.

Truth from Lies by Catie Curtis – Again, maybe not her best over all album. However, the question was what album would help you unlock all the little secrets.

I saved this one until last, because we can all sing this song by now…
5 Movies
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Seven Samurai
The Dark Corner
Young Einstein
With The Maltese Falcon as an irritating sixth entry because you need to have a sixth entry once in a while.
No surprises there, right?

I often wonder if I had given an answer like this, back in the day… ah but it doesn’t matter. If you have an answer to the 5+5+5=U question, why not post it in your own journal?

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