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Git Offa Mah Lahn!

You remember how tedious it was in the 90s when our parents and other old people would jibber on and on about The Beatles or whatever movies they’d seen in 1964 or talk about TV shows from the early seventies? Remeber how they’d bang on about some idiotic old thing that no one could ever care about because it was crap and not a patch on the stuff we had?

Jurassic Park is 19 years old.
Back to The Future is 27 years old.
Raiders of the Lost Ark is 31 years old.
Star Wars is 35 years old.

You geeks have not only turned into Old People, you are one of the worst aspects of the Old People.

I’m immune to this criticism because I’ve always watched old stuff. I tend to watch films that were made before my father was born and only read books by dead authors.

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