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Baby’s First Noir Part 6

Baby’s First Noir

Billy the Badger felt that all of this was unfair. He was too near retirement, too tired of the forest, too ready to go to that little place in the city. He had a nice place picked out, and he was going to get it with his retirement bonus. A nice, quite place where the lights were always on and he’d been told the garbage was left unlidded all night long. That was the sort of life for him, the easy life. He could just sit back, munch on the occasional stale pizza crust, and live out his remaining years learning all about cars.

Looking at the remains of Chintzy the Chipmunk was not on his agenda. Or rather, it was and that was the problem. The other problem was that no matter how methodical Tully the Turtle was as a coroner, he was a damn slow talker and frustrating to have to listen to. Not so slow as to be comical, just slow enough to be frustrating.

“It’s Bertie the Bunny’s work alright.” Tully said as he gently turned the remains of Chintzy’s head. “If only all artists signed their work so diligently.”

“But he didn’t do the other two?” Billy asked.

Tully looked up, and then blinked his eyes. He was so damn slow, but if you decided to rush him, he could go fast enough. That was when he’d complain though, and he’d scuttle off to his office and not come back out. You had to just wait until Tully was ready. He turned the head back and placed a claw under Chintzy’s jaw to close his mouth. He then looked up at the detective.

“No sir.” Tully said, “Someone else killed them. The method is entirely different.”

“How so?”

“Who ever killed Chirpy and Chopper had decided to hurt them, but didn’t take a lot of time doing it. Chopper was stabbed, and made to bleed out. These were hard deaths, lengthy in Chopper’s case, but they only required a little effort. An animal could have stabbed Chopper twice and left before he even knew what had happened to him. Burning Chirpy was nasty, but it only required a moment of effort.”

“And this took effort.” Billy stated, rather than asked.

“Yes.” Tully confirmed. “They tortured Chintzy. Beat him into unconsciousness and waited for him to come back to start beating him again.”

“Okay.” Billy said and turned to walk out.

“You can’t get near them though.” Tully said to his back. “Bertie the Bunny still exists because he’s useful to Big Tony. This had to be an order.”

“I know.” Billy said over his shoulder as he walked out.

There was dirt and leaves and stones as he walked from Tully’s log and headed back to his office. It was monstrous to contemplate. Beating an animal like that, right out in the open forest. A hundred mice, ants, bats, roaches and whatnot must have seen, but no one bothered to report it. It wasn’t until a patrol bird happened upon the body that they were even notified. That was the worst thing about this forest, no one looked out for each other.

Billy wanted a cigarette, but they said that if he didn’t quit, he wouldn’t make it to retirement. He took the pack of toothpicks from his pocket and selected one, chewing it slowly and methodically. He had to get out of this city, or get rid of animals like Big Tony. Big Tony was barely an animal though, he was almost a person. He was that bad, that vicious. Billy’s teeth clamped down on the toothpick, needing it and hating it.

He didn’t like Tully’s facts either. He didn’t argue them, but he didn’t like them. There were two killers, possibly with different motives, killing animals who had been associated with each other. It wasn’t a nice thing to think about, and the weight was pulling Billy down, possibly to his death.

He felt like running, trying to get away from it all. Take the early retirement, just walk away, get away from this filthy case, this filthy forest, go to the nice clean city. He didn’t want to think about it anymore, he didn’t want to be part of this forest. He wanted that place in the city.

“Detective?” The voice was soft, small, and feminine.

He turned and saw an attractive red squirrel looking at him. She looked a little shabby, but sort of beautiful in that was that red squirrels often have. She looked worried and maybe even scared.

“Can I help you?” He asked.

“I don’t know.” She said. “A friend of mine is in trouble.”

“How so?”

“Those chipmunks that got killed.” She said. “They burned him out of his place, took his nuts, tried to kill him.”

“And that’s put him in trouble?” He asked.

“I don’t know where he goes.” She said. “I think he may have done something. He might be part of it. I don’t know anything though, I can’t help you.”

“Okay.” He said.

“I’m afraid he might get himself killed.” She said.

“What’s his name?”

“I’m sorry,” She said shaking her head. “I shouldn’t have said anything.”

She started away, but her face had been filed in his brain. She wasn’t rich, she looked like someone from the south side, which would make her easy to find. They don’t come beautiful like that on the south side. He would be able to find her easily, and then he could find her friend.”

He tracked her down, almost not needing to ask a single question. Her path was easy to find in the dirt, another good reason to move to the paced streets. He found her home, and then saw him as he emerged from the hole a few minutes later. His blood froze when he saw him emerge, and it didn’t thaw as he walked towards him.

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