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The Artists in the Office

Fancy and I, at work.


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Been watching Dr Who

So we discovered that Amazon is now streaming through the PS3. If you have Prime, and we do, you get certain things for free. Mostly things that the studio can claim were paid for a long time ago. You can’t get Game of Thrones or Leverage free, but you can get Dr. Who and Star Trek in HD. As a result, Syd is watching Dr. Who from the “beginning” by which I mean the start of the current run.

Now, I’ve never been much of a Dr Who fan, mostly because they deny the existence of Peter Cushing. He was The Doctor in the two movies they made. But anyway, I watched an episode or two with Syd, because it was either that or sulk in my office. So I watched some of the show with Syd.

I… really hate Rose Tyler. This is not a character. This is almost, but not quite, a Mary Sue. A Mary-Jane if you will. Not a main character, but a hanger-on, who exhibits many characteristics of a Sue.

She’s not smart, or tough, or clever, or witty, she’s just… special. She manages to get through situations by virtue of her special specialness. She defeated the Dalek with her specialness and opened him up to her with the special power of her special love. She never actually does anything, or works anything out to any great degree, she’s just a special little time traveler in ever special way and she’s getting specialer and specialer every special, special day… and I hate her! I don’t get the appeal, I really don’t.

Also, while I’m on daleks, why are they considered scary? They look like R2-D2’s stereotypically aggressively gay older brother. The one that’s into studded leather. I don’t get how these things are scary, but then I also didn’t get how the Americans in the show didn’t get that they weren’t hurting it and kept firing single rounds at it even though that hadn’t done anything to that point.

Of course, almost everything about the Americans was wrong anyway. From weapons to uniforms to insignia, to the flag on their shoulder. And once again, Americans are the go-to “evil not even for the sake of being evil but just evil as a part of being stupid” bad guy. Which is annoying coming from England. I mean, they have a go at us for being fat, drunk, and having teen mothers, when the UK has the number one slot on their side of the world in all categories. And they’re privatizing their healthcare right now. I mean, it’s like some Head of the East India Company who has enslaved, starved, robbed, raped and murdered millions of Indians coming to Massachusetts in 1870 and telling us that we’ve got a huge problem with racism because we used to have slavery.

Just saying!

Where was I?

Ah yes, now I have seen some of the episodes with Martha, and I like her. I haven’t seen any of the other companions except one or two episodes with Susan, and she’s just sort of there. Syd watched some episodes of the first doctor because she has this thing about wanting to view things from the beginning, even though I keep telling her that’s a mistake. You try to watch all of a show like Dr Who and you’ll end up mired in some of those storylines that go on for 30 episodes and never seem to get anywhere. I’ve seen some of those, Dr Who was a seriously talky show back in the day. Less talky now, more action. One might say “More American” if one wanted to twist the knife in the British side, and I do.

Anyway, I’ll probably watch some more.

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