I'll come up with something in a minute.

So this came

Now, some of you may be aware that I own a replica of a T-Rex Skull. Not a huge deal, but I like it. It’s a little skull though about 1/10 scale, and that’s because the T-Rex was a big critter.

NOW! For VEWPRF my dear friend wanted to get me something to go along with it, a velociraptor skull.

She ordered it, and was told it was on back order. She then waited, and waited, and waited. Had she been a male, she would have a long Gandalf beard with all the waiting. Eventually, she lost patience, canceled the order and got me a knife instead. Because the way to my heart is with a sharp object. Well the thing is, they sent it anyway.

So, saturday I came home from work and walked around the house.

Now, we have a lot of knick knacks. From Shao Lan, the dragon in the bathroom, to you know what? Take my word for it, we’ve got a bunch of things. However, I know where all the things are. I have a tendency to look at each one as I pass. Now, it was dark in the hall where the skull is, and I barely glanced at the Rex skull as I passed. It wasn’t until the second or third time that I looked at it that I noticed the silhouette of the skull was wrong. So I grabbed it and examined it, realizing that it was not the rex skull but a different one. Syd laughed, because I passed three times and didn’t notice. Except it was A) dark and B) not my chief point of interest as yesterday was a crappy day. The thing is, she could have kept it going longer had she not replaced the Rex skull. What struck me was that the outline of the skull had changed. I didn’t even notice that there were now two skulls and it would have taken me longer to work that out had she left the rex skull were it was and merely put the raptor skull between the rex skull and the knife that had to get moved because the raptor skull is going there now.

Anyway, short story long, I have a Velociraptor skull and it helped the day suck less.


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