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Trees are made of wood, Bob.

Been reading an old sci-fi book this week, actually listening to it.

I have eye strain from listening to this book, my eyes rolled that much and that hard.

Badly missed tech trends, sexism is still okay, thinly veiled everything. I really hate the last one. Guys with half their faces painted black and the other half white embarrassed me as a child. To this day, I’ve never been able to watch that episode. Every time a sci-fi story does that whole “See, we’re saying it’s about this, but REALLY it’s about that” I’m reminded of a fantasy of mine.

I always wanted an episode of Star Trek where Data says something like, “It’s much like the situation in the American South when whites owned blacks as slaves.” And then Riker would turn to him and say “Yeah, we worked that out, what with not being stupid and all. Look, metal boy, go stand in the corner and explain to the wall how you’re a Pinocchio analogy. I’ve got work to do over here.” There’s room for analogy, but Sci-Fi never really trusts its audience enough and has to make it so much more blatant and obvious. And why? Sci-Fi readers are, in my experience, smarter than most the people around them, why not trust them?

You know what is really annoying me about trying to read I, Robot? The sheer number of times people quoted the laws of robotics to each other. I mean, these are supposed to be so basic they’re on page one of every book including How to Build a Better Dildo, and yet they constantly quote them off to each other like the person they’re talking to has never heard of them. It would be like me trying to explain that trees burn. “No, you can’t use a blow torch to melt that tree because trees are made of wood Bob. TREES ARE MADE OF WOOD!”

Now imagine that, stated over and over again and you begin to see my frustration.

Yeah, I know it’s actually a collection of short stories, doesn’t make it any less of a shitty read. Doesn’t leave me not thinking that there were 57 different ways to convey that information besides saying “Trees are made of wood” over and over again.

Ah fuck it. Time to go listen to some other story where women aren’t either idiotically flighty housewives or stone cold bitches who only got jobs because they couldn’t land a man. I just don’t have time for this bullshit.

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