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Twins in Death: Chapter One – Part Eight

Twins in Death

A Tale of The Weirdo

By Brett N. Lashuay



Chapter One: The Ballad of Captain Scourge



March 11th, 2002

6:21 p.m.


            “I think we can loosen those restraints now.” The hooded figure said to Captain Scourge, and the ropes came undone, lowering him to the floor. “Now, once you destroy the vehicle, let your body go loose.”


            “Loose?” Captain Scourge asked as his feet touched the floor.


            “Yes, like a rag doll.”




            “Because when the vehicle tumbles, you’re going to tumble as well, if you try to hold on or tense up, you’ll harm yourself gravely.” The figure said yanking the long Velcro tabs away from where they held the arms down.


            Captain Scourge watched as the gloved hands removed his restraints. The gloves were long and covered a great amount of sleeve. Captain Scourge wanted to lift the hood and look at the person freeing him, but he didn’t dare. He did notice though that this person was about half his size.


            “Okay.” Captain Scourge said pulling the leather and rubber contraption off him.


            Captain scourge looked out the rear window and then turned to thank the man for helping him, but found himself alone. Well, that was no matter, he’d been alone his whole life. He closed his eyes and punched a fist into an open palm, wrapping the fingers around the knuckles. White sparks danced off the knuckles, and around the fingertips.


            The truck that was transporting Captain Scourge exploded rather suddenly as an electric charge caused the gasoline in the truck’s tank to explode suddenly on the road. At least that was what he had assumed had happened. In fact there had been a packet of explosives planted on the back end of the truck, which was detonated by his outburst. The truck lifted up into the air from the shock wave of the explosion, and winds caused it to tilt and spiral in the air. The truck seemed to float through the air to the witnesses on the highway where it happened, but that is simply because under shock conditions the human mind tends to slow things down to give the person a little more time to react. Most people use this time to think about how everything has just frozen and end up dying anyway. The occupant of the Neon behind the truck did this in fact. She went into shock and drove right into the back end of the truck and was engulfed in the flames of the exploding vehicle as her own exploded.


            The truck spiraled gently in the air and landed on its side, or rather crashed. Because it had been going fifteen miles over the speed limit, it slid a long while before friction finally took hold and it ground to a stop. Sparks danced up behind the dragging vehicle and long lines were scratched across the concrete as it went. Fluids poured out the vehicle and formed puddles in its wake. For the single occupant still living inside it felt like the truck might not ever stop. That despite the laws of physics regarding friction it might continue on this journey indefinitely.


            The truck did eventually come to a halt after a long while though and then nothing happened. The shocked onlookers simply stood and gaped at the truck as it sat on the road. They were oblivious to the long stretch of traffic that wanted to get around it. They simply stood out side of their cars and marveled at the destruction that had suddenly been handed down without warning.


            Finally one of the doors in the back swung open carefully, and then regardless of the dangers, fell off its one remaining hinge. The door was now no longer a part of the truck, which would miss it like a phantom limb. Captain Scourge emerged from the vehicle after a few moments and looked around. His vision was a little blurry, and there was a buzzing sound in his head, but besides that he felt alright.


            He was shaken, and a small cut on his forehead bled like an arterial wound. At least he imagined it to be like an arterial wound, he’d never actually seen one. The wound did bleed a good bit, but it was really just a small scratch that we put there because when they make this into a movie the director will want to put a scratch on his head in order to show he was just slightly hurt in the accident. We have to expect that someday, someone will want to make this into a movie and therefore we’re giving these small tips here so that people won’t say the movie was nothing like the book. We’re actually making the filmmaker’s job easier so that maybe they will give us a lot of money for the film rights.


            Captain Scourge walked away from the wreckage and looked around at the people who were watching him and then at a large boulder that was sitting on the side of the road. He leaned against the boulder and looked at the people who had begun to reach into their pockets to get the devices of the modern world. He looked around at all the people and saw them on their cell phones, jabbering away. Fine, let them talk, he would deal with them later. He would deal with them all later.


            For now though, he sat down and thought about what he had done wrong. This was going to take some time but he felt that he had time to think about it. It would take a while for the emergency vehicles to come, and he felt he had time to think. He had clearly gone about this the wrong way. Clearly he had gone too far too fast, he hadn’t thought it out. He hadn’t worked out what to do, had just lashed out.


            He wondered if henchmen might not be a good idea, and perhaps a scheme. Not a plan, but a scheme. Schemes are different from plans, in that usually there is something sinister about a scheme. A scheme sounds like you’ve been staying up late nights with bank vault diagrams and practicing to tell people they were only supposed to blow the doors off. Plans were things that people who were going on vacation to the Bahamas needed, schemes were needed by people going to double cross both sides of a drug deal in the Bahamas.


            A scheme would be helpful, he felt this deep in his heart, he needed a scheme. He didn’t have one yet, but he could get one. He could get some henchmen, they should be easy to get, and then a scheme. After that, he’d be a proper super villain. In many ways, he reflected, it was good that he got bitch slapped by The Weirdo so early. It gave him perspective to be so easily cast aside like this. He knew know that he could be defeated, which is an important lesson, and best learned early.



© 2012 Autumn Knight Productions

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