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How fanboys ruin the thing they love for other people. OR How did you become more annoying than a sparkling vampire?

The guy who makes the Oatmeal made a comic extolling the virtues of Tesla. Like a lot of comics it was full of exaggerations. Like most things involving Tesla, it demonized Thomas Edison and regurgitated a bunch of things that have long since proven to be not true. Or, as we say in my business, lies. Forbes called him on it. The Oatmeal made a very weak response. And he goes on about that goddamn elephant. The one they were going to kill anyway… the one that had already killed three people… and they’d fed a bunch of cyanide to before hitting the switch. And Edison didn’t even flip the switch, or personally record the event.

And if Edison was a bastard (hint – he was actually) why is it never mentioned that Tesla was a nut?

In short, I get seriously irked when people tell me that Tesla invented everything that Leonardo DaVinci didn’t invent. Mostly because, when you look into it… he didn’t. He invented several things, a towering genius perhaps, but he didn’t invent anything like the list his fanboys claim he did. Edison wasn’t nearly as evil as Tesla fanboys (who need a villain for the story) claim he was. If you’re lying to big your hero up, and put the other guy down YOU ARE STILL LYING! It does neither side any good when you lie. It makes people ignore everything you have to say. Even if this is just a comic, it’s a comic trying to tell people about how Tesla was awesome and Edison was a dick.

You are trying to get people interested in your hero, for that, you must be honest.

If you’re going to present facts, present facts. Otherwise, you will get called on it. Tesla was a great guy, a wonderful inventor, and a hell of a humanitarian that chose to save an entire company and all the people who worked for it instead of getting paid. The reason no one lauds Tesla like they’re supposed to is because once they start looking into claims people make, they find out most of they were told is lies and exaggeration. After they discover that the death ray and the communication with aliens is a lie, and the radar story is at best an exaggeration, they will decide that he probably didn’t really have anything to do with the electric motor. I’ve met a person that didn’t believe he had anything to do with perfecting Alternating Current because, “The death ray is a lie, the aliens thing is a lie, the transporter is a lie, everything anyone says about the guy is a lie.”

And that’s sad, because it’s the enthusiasm gone into overdrive for the thing they love that tends to push people who aren’t already fans away. It killed Firefly, it harmed Star Trek severely for decades, and now it’s ruining Tesla. And here we really come to my point, that fanboys have been slowly killing the things they love by driving people away. The internet has made this worse, because it focuses everyone into little bubbles where everyone agrees with them. That creates a slanted world view in which one side is the good guys and the other side is the bad guys and you are either on one side or the other. There is no middle ground between hating Twilight and being on Team Whoever… probably Abraham.

In fact, the guy writing the oatmeal makes the worst error possible. Near the end, he tells people they have to Pick a Side. NO! You don’t have to pick a goddamn side you stupid arrogant fuck. You can, in fact, straddle the mighty chasm you’ve artificially created and admire things about both men while deploring things about both men. You don’t have to drive away someone just because they admit there are things about Edison that they like. You can encourage learning about one man without having to tear the other down. In fact, it is that tear down that turns people off the most.

Again, allow us to talk about Twilight for a moment. On one side, you have people who pant after a sparkling vampire, on the other side you have these people who foam at the mouth and rant and rave about how horrible it is, how awful, how girls aren’t smart enough not to act like Bella unless we burn all those worthless books that this evil Mormon bitch (not that you’re a bigot mind) has wrought upon our world and smite the unbelievers.

The other side has a sparkling vampire. How did you become more annoying than a sparkling vampire? Seriously, take a good hard look at yourself and ask how you became more of an irritant to me than a vampire that… sparkles. That has to be one of the stupidest monster traits I have ever heard of, and you just got yourself pegged lower on the list than THAT! Come to think of it, the Jar-Jar haters become far more annoying than Jar-Jar ever was, because that movie only ran 2 hours where as the ranting goes on to this day.

We need to have a serious discussion about how the uber-fan and the anti-fan are hurting their own cause. So there should probably be a part two at some point.

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