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Bambi seperates us

You know how I know I’m not like the rest of you?

This right here…

When I watched that for the first time, I was just a kid, maybe 4 or 5 or 6 or 7.

It took me about as long as it takes Bambi to work out what just happened in that scene. I’d actually had to read what his father says to him, because for some reason I could never understand the voice. He speaks so soft and so low, that I’d never actually understood what he said when I was a kid. I got a copy of the script, or someone transcribed it in a book or something. I got the point of what he was saying though, Bambi’s momma had been got by those hunters. Hunters, incidentally, that would have been fucking HATED even by other hunters. You don’t shoot at a doe with a fawn… you just don’t.


When I worked out that the Corleone Family had taken a contract out on Bambi’s Mom and got Joe Pecsi to do her it, I wasn’t sad like everyone else. I’m serious, I’ve got the only dry eyes in house while an entire theater is crying like one big collective bitch.

I wasn’t sad though, I was impressed. I was seriously sitting there going “They killed his mom, they actually killed his mom. She’s not going to show up later with a limp and the remains of a plaid shirt in her teeth to show she got him in the end. She is just dead.”

I would like, for a moment, to remind you about GI Joe. In GI Joe, when a plane was blown up, they showed a guy parachuting away. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.* I noticed it during the first mini-series and once unseen I couldn’t unsee it. No one ever died in cartoons, not ever**. Then Bambi’s mom got it and I was aware by that time that no one ever died in a cartoon and it sort of blew my world. Later, Optimus Prime died and I realized that there was no such thing as invulnerable. It was an amazing thing, to know someone died. We didn’t see it, it’s not immediately apparent, but it was a thing and she died.

Only later did I discover that this is considered one of the most traumatic things that ever happened to anyone in the history of ever. I’d never thought ot it as a particularly sad or traumatic moment, but I know that there are people reading this, snotting into tear soaked hankies, demanding I just shut up because they can’t it anymore. This still sort of mystifies me, while I understand, I don’t fully get the emotional weight people give this moment.

I’m more interested in the fire, or in the discovery of Flower, or the amazingly fantastic art used in the movie.

*Don’t even get me started on the movie.
**The evil queen in Snow White not withstanding, but she was old and ugly when they whacked her, so it was okay.

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