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So I was watching Dare to Be Stupid, right?

How many of my rants could start this way?

Anyway, I was watching Dare to Be Stupid and I noticed that there is a square in the video. By square I mean a guy who is square. If you don’t know what square means in this context… I can’t help you right now. Maybe later.

What I found interesting was that the square is an early 1960s square. From the furniture and accoutrements of his room, he is in the late 50s and early 60s. But why should that be? When this video was made, 1963 was only 20 years back. It would be like us trying to use someone from 1992 as a square.

But we wouldn’t.

If we wanted to show someone who was a square, we’d still use someone from 1963. And for that I have an idea. 1963 was the last time that being a square was mainstream. After that, if you wanted to be cool, you had to rebel. The 20th century is interesting in that it seems to have given us the idea that the only way to be really cool, was to be an outsider. Maybe it just gave enough of us the opportunity to stop worry about starving to death to start worrying about whether or not we were cool.

Either way, the idea changed and being a hip person meant you had to be on the edges. The best way to be an insider was to be an outsider. As much as we talk about conformity, our society celebrates the individual to the point of worship. We’ve gone so far that all ideas of normal have been nominally cool in some fashion. There is no baggage free baseline… except for our 1960s square over there. Yes, even he has some baggage, but you can ignore it and just look at the fact that he’s sitting there in his barcalounger and watching TV. His version of domesticity is the enemy for all of us. He is the ultimate insider, the conformer, and even the conformtyiest of us doesn’t conform like he does.

The problem is, being the separate outsider is hard. Everyone says “Hey, he’s cool!” And tries to emulate that cool person, and then they become the insider. Being the insider is no good, so they move on to the next idea of cool. And so on and so on, until the only outsider is the geek, and in 2004 everyone decided that being a geek was cool. Now, nothing is cool, except actual coolness. But you have to be annoyingly aloof to pull that off and there is the danger that no one will notice you being so damn aloof, or even care.

Anyway, here’s the video…

Did you notice the interocitor?

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