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Can’t find a shirt that fits.

Why is it so hard to make men’s clothes?

I mean, I never think of myself as a Big & Tall kind of guy… until I need to buy a dress shirt. All the sudden I find myself mired in these tiny shirts, meant for boys who haven’t hit puberty and probably never will. I’m not a big guy, 5’7″, and I’ve never been over 230 pounds in my life. I know I have a gut, I have to buy 38″ waist pants (down from 42 thankyouverymuch) because of it. And if ONLY that were the problem.

No, I have troubles because the fucking shirts won’t fit my shoulders, pinch at my neck, constrain my chest… and even my arms have troubles sometimes. I haven’t been able to close a dress shirt all the way to the collar for 20 years, and I wasn’t always as fat as I am now. This leads me to suspect that it’s a systemic problem.

I eventually bought the largest shirt they had, in the understanding that the shirt just one size smaller barely fit. It’s one of those where there are more pins and brackets than cloth in the packaging, and I didn’t have an hour to undo the whole damn thing a third time.

I get that women’s clothes can be a problem. Women have way more parts that come in way more sizes and those sizes can fluctuate wildly from one day to the next.

What the hell is the deal for men’s clothes? Why such a pain in the ass? Is the rest of mankind just a bunch of willowy nancy-boys and I’ve never noticed?

What, if I may posit the question, the ever lovin’ fuck?

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