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Twins in Death: Chapter Three – Part Four

Twins in Death

A Tale of The Weirdo

By Brett N. Lashuay



Chapter Three: The End of Captain Scourge





April 5th, 2002

9:53 p.m.


            The Weirdo stood in the ballroom, which felt so incredibly and vastly empty. He had never noticed how big this room was before. Perhaps it was because that his entire life had been so filled by her that every room was just big enough for them. He looked around at how greatly huge the room had become slightly agoraphobic. Which was odd because he was really an agoraphile if anything. He liked huge empty places, and had tried to make his home like some of the great cathedrals of Europe he had seen. He wanted the huge, empty places like this, but now it was empty and bereft of joy. 


            “I could have let you go after her.” He turned to the sound of the voice.


            The Gray man was leaning against one of the huge marble pillars, the broach still in his hand. He looked up at the roof of the ballroom, and then at The Weirdo. His eyes were filled with infinite sadness, as if he had seen what all the efforts of the universe would bring about. As if he had truly understood the futility of life, the inevitability of death, and great grand joke that was existence.


            “Yeah?” The Weirdo said.


            “Would you believe that things would now be worse if I had simply left you?”


            “She would still be alive if you hadn’t distracted me.”


            “No.” The gray man shook his head. “More would be dead, in fact.”


            “I see.”


            “I can’t explain everything now.” The Gray man said, “But there is an explanation. I thought you deserved to know that much.”


            “Will I get to hear this explanation?” The Weirdo said.


            “Oh, yes.”


            “Before I die?”


            “I hope so.” He then laughed a little. “Which time do you mean?”






            “Who are you?” The Weirdo asked. “You seem familiar, and yet…”


            “Don’t worry about me.” The Gray Man said as he moved behind the pillar.      When The Weirdo looked behind the pillar, the Gray Man was gone.



April 25th, 2002

10:17 p.m.


            The Weirdo sat in a large over stuffed chair, across from him on the couch Tommy sat, Judy and Sheila leaning in against him. A movie played on the television; Jack and Marla sat on a love seat together. Mrs. Pendleton sat in a chair mending a shirt that had lost its button. Max sat on the floor with the children, who had fallen asleep on his lap. Bagheera lay stretched out on the floor, his eyes dreamy and half-closed.


            “This is fairly odd.” The Weirdo said.


            “What is?” Tommy asked.


            “All of us, sitting around, watching TV.” The Weirdo said.


            “Why is that odd?”


            “Because we’re all together, all that’s left, watching a movie, and just being almost like normal people. I mean if I go get popcorn we’re done for.” He mused.


“What’s so bad about that?”


            “I don’t know that there is anything particularly wrong with it, we just don’t really do it, is all. We tend to be people on the move, and yet, right now.”


            “Right now is right now.” Mrs. Pendleton said. “Might as well leave it alone.”


            “I suppose.” The Weirdo said.


            “And never fear,” Tommy said, “Given the space of half a day, this city will stir up some evil to occupy you, take this moment as it comes.”


            “I see.” The Weirdo then turned his head to Jack and Marla. “I suppose you two have some sort of wisdom to give as well?”


            “No” Marla said.




            “No.” She repeated. “We’re British you see, and all the wisdom the Brits had came from the countries we conquered, and all our Empires are gone now, so no more wisdom.”


            “I’ve got one.” Jack said.




            “Don’t go to into a Glasgow pub asking if the people there know that Robert the Bruce wore pink panties.”


            “That’s wisdom is it?” The Weirdo asked


            “If you ever try it you’ll see the wisdom of not doing it.” Jack answered.


            The Weirdo considered this for a moment, was going to ask a follow-up question but decided that down that route, madness lay. He let it slide instead.


            “Why are you worried about this?” Sheila asked.


            “It’s just odd.” The Weirdo said.


            “Immortals and gods and strange men in gray coming to talk or even live with you, that you can handle, a group of people sit down to watch a movie and you’re thrown?”


            “Well.” The Weirdo said. “I mean there are some parts of my life where I stand back and go ‘what the hell’ but this isn’t one of them, and that’s worrying.”


            “Why?” Sheila asked.


            “You don’t understand.” Judy said.


            “No?” Sheila asked.


            “This is a moment to sit back and go wow.” Judy sat up for a moment. “I mean think about it, we are immortal beings, and we’re with this great guy.” She hugged Tommy around the neck. “And we’ve gone from being slaves who aren’t allowed on the bed to watching a movie on TV. This is now such a normal event we don’t even comment on it at all. We should marvel at the fact that we can do this.”


            “Oh.” Sheila said, cuddling closer to Tommy. “I suppose I hadn’t though of it like that.”


            “Well that’s okay.” Judy said stretching out across Tommy’s lap so she could hug the both of them.


© 2012 Autumn Knight Productions


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