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Kinky Tales

BDSM Fairy Tale

Have you ever read about the psychology of BDSM, and then tried to read a fairy tale? Yeah, you can’t unsee that shit. Most the fairytales can be seen as BDSM allegories of one kind or another.

The most obvious example is Beauty and the Beast, in which a subbie who wants to be a collared slave. The Dom in the situation is kind of a dick, but the sub is going to turn him into a better master through being a loving slave. Through her love, she becomes the possession of the kind of master she wants. All the beast’s behavior is just bad dom behavior. Red Riding Hood’s story has role play, crossdressing, age play… and a guy who comes in at the end to beat on one of the participants at the end. Cinderella has humiliation, cosplay, foot fetish. Snow White has just about everything when you think about it. And in Prudent Hans, he litterally ties a rope around a girl’s next and forces her to sit crouched on the floor of the stable and eat hay. You change the last two paragraphs of that story, and you have the start of a BDSM epic on your hands.

Actually the thing is, where I really want to go with this is not the action beats. The SM part doesn’t interest me here nearly as much as the BD part does. What you have in most fairy tales, particularly those of the Grimm’s stories, is a series of agreements and fulfillments. The very basics of BDSM is one person agrees to do what the other person says, and agrees that if they don’t do what they said they would, then there will be a punishment. You can argue that it’s more complicated than that, and indeed it is, but I used the word ‘basic’ a little while ago. While there are layers and further layers, at the core this is what you have.

Once you have that in your head, Hans My Hedgehog is a very different tale indeed. Not the version Wikipedia has, which is a sanitized version some Victorian masturbator came up with. Much closer to the original is the Jim Henson made for The Storyteller. Watch all three parts of that and tell me that the only thing missing isn’t leather and collars. Granted, Hans My Hedgehog is one of the stories Beauty and The Beast is based on, so that might be a bad example.

The point is that throughout the fairytale world is a series of agreements and fulfillments, or punishments for failure to fulfill. There are regional differences here and there, of course. Russian fairytales then to rush right to the punishment of bad behavior, where as German stories reward good behavior. Of course, that’s because the Russians are more into beatings than the Germans are. The French are more into perversity on every level, and the Irish are just about enduring the events until eventual reward.

Not every story works on this level of course, but if you think about it too long, I bet you could make the 3 Little Pigs kinky. Hell The Billy Goats Gruff is about a troll looking for a harsh master that can take him in hand and make him behave. This shit is easy, once you start looking for it.

Mind you, you can also see penises in the clouds if someone throws a couple of boxes of dildos out of a plane.

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Another pack of pictures

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