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Twins in Death: Chapter Three – Part Five

Twins in Death

A Tale of The Weirdo

By Brett N. Lashuay



Chapter Three: The End of Captain Scourge



February 12th, 1935

11:15 p.m.


            The Weirdo leaned back in the chair, and looked at Jack and James. The dance was still going on around them, but they felt detached. Tommy and Amy danced on the floor, looking like the perfect couple. Had they been five inches high, they could have been the cake toppers. He had worn the tuxedo she liked and she had found the perfect dress. They were still cavorting around the dance floor, along with the other hundred or so people that were called friends of the household.


            The large round room echoed as people threw confetti from the second floor, which ringed the dance floor giving the feeing of a stadium or the old roman coliseum. The second floor was really only a small ring around the ballroom of course, not a seating system. It gave one the ability to look either out on the city, or into the second floor through the glass doors. The floor of the ballroom was made of marble and it was three stories high, as high as the rest of the house in fact. The entire north wall was made of glass, and looked out on to the grounds. The east wall had a staircase made of crystal. The long pieces of clear stone seemed to grow up from the floor and become progressively longer as they reached up to the second floor. It was on the second floor that the trio sat, watching the happy couple.


            “She looks beautiful.” The Weirdo said, watching the both of them.


            “He looks happy.” Jack muttered.


            “Of course he does.” James Death’s voice was the long drawl of a cowboy whose day had passed. “He’s got a woman who can dance.”


            “Dancing skill is important.” The Weirdo said. “I think they might be together for more than just that though.”


            “But if she couldn’t dance, they’d never get to the other stuff.” James said. “He’s got priorities. Dancing first, talking second.”


            “Maybe.” The Weirdo conceded and took a pull at the root beer he had been drinking.


            “They say where they’re going yet?” Jack asked.


            “Acapulco.” The Weirdo said. “Two weeks, and then back here.”


            “They gonna live here?” Jack wondered


            “Why wouldn’t they?” The Weirdo asked. “The place is big enough for ten families to get going.”


            “She might think that we’re a bad influence.” Jack said.


            “Well we are.” James drawled. “Always have been.”


            “She might not want to raise kids in such an environment.”


            “Nah.” The Weirdo said. “It’ll be fine.”


            He had a feeling it probably wouldn’t be though; she wouldn’t have time to get angry about the late nights. He could feel the ticking time bomb just under his heart. He knew that the time was coming when he and James Death were both going to be gone. The time was coming very close in fact; he figured they had six weeks, tops.


            “Don’t they dance?” Amy asked Tommy as he spun her around the dance floor.


            “I don’t know.” He said. “Jack does, but maybe he’s just keeping the other two company.”


            “The Weirdo looks like he’d make a good dancer.” She said. “Should I ask him?”


            “You could I suppose.” He said. “He’s not always as friendly as he could be though and might just do it for forms sake.”


            “I could ask.” She said. “If we’re all going to live together, I’ll have to get to know him.”


            “Go try, sure. I’ll get him actually.”


            Amanda Grace Jones had become Amanda Grace Gunner earlier that day, and when her new husband had sent his best friend down to dance, she watched as he sat down with the other two men. The Weirdo came down the stairs, looking relaxed and quite good looking in his gray suit. She asked him to dance as he came closer enough to hear her.


            She had been right that he was a good dancer. Though she sensed the stiffness of formality between them. She kept watching Tommy as they danced through another three numbers, feeling her partner loosen a little as they did. He smiled and kissed her on the cheek when the last song played. She wondered if he was worried about her new place, if he might resent her.


            When he kissed her cheek though, she realized that what he was doing was saying goodbye. She suddenly knew that they were going to come back and he was going to run his end game. She looked up at Tommy as he stood and began to walk back towards the stairway. She knew that Tommy and Jack would be okay, but James and The Weirdo were going to have to go. Something was going to happen and the two of them would be gone. She could only think that they were going to be killed.


            Then Tommy took her in his arms, and everything was all right again.



April 25th, 2002

11:49 p.m.


            The Weirdo stood out in the back yard, looking at the sky. There were only a hundred thousand stars visible in the sky, more or less. Most of them had been burning and churning away since before the rise of human race. The light of one had left the star on the night that King Babars died and it had just gotten to the earth. There were stars out there, billions and trillions of them. They were gathered in clusters and galaxies, clinging together by the loose threads of gravity. Holding onto each other in the night. It suddenly occurred to The Weirdo that there was a place called Jantal out there, orbiting around one of those stars. That idea made no sense, but he knew it to be true.


            Judy came out and stood with him for a moment. They both looked at the sky, and marveled. It was as if The Weirdo’s home was exempt from the problems of noise and light pollution. The stars were visible in the night sky here. It was very odd, because Manhattan was close enough to be connected by a bridge, yet you could see all the stars here.


            “I keep waiting for it to go back to normal.” Judy said.




            “Well I mean go back to the way it was, before ah.”


            “Before Shannon died?”


            “Yeah.” Judy blushed at making him say it. “It’s not going to though, is it? We won’t have that feeling in the house again, will we?”


            “I don’t think so.” The Weirdo said.


            “I’m really sorry about it.” She wrung her hands together. “I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but I am.”


            “Thanks.” He said.


            “You really loved her, didn’t you?”


            “Still do.” He said.




            “You love Tommy?”


            “Yeah.” She said. “I wonder what kind of good thing I ever did to deserve him.”


            “And Sheila?”


            “I love her too.” Judy said. “Is that wrong do you think? To love two people at the same time?”


            “Love is love.” The Weirdo said. “Whether it’s with one or a hundred. I don’t think there is such a thing as wrong love. I mean really, in a world so filled with hate, love, any love, can’t be the wrong choice. Anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know what love is.”


            “So you’re okay with us?”


            “If I weren’t, you would have found out by now.”


            “Okay.” She said. “I just always wondered if anyone would accept us.”


            “Don’t worry about it.” The Weirdo said. “You three are in love, that’s all that matters. Any one gives you guys any trouble and the rest of us will be there to back you up.”


            “Thanks.” She said as she went inside.



April 26th, 2002

1:45 a.m.


            The Weirdo was watching the water lap in and out onto the shore of the island. There was a lot of water between them and he looked south at the ocean beyond. He could just see it around between the two points of land. There was a lot of water between his little island and Europe as well. He knew there were giants out there, massive creatures. The biggest animals that had ever yet lived were out there in the deep waters. The whales were the biggest mammals and the biggest animals ever known, and yet they lived on the smallest.


            The Weirdo knew that the tiny crustaceans known as krill lived in the oceans and made massive great clouds of red, which were then eaten by blue whales, a million lives could end at one moment. He looked out at the ocean and wondered if maybe the krill thought of blue whales as a god of some kind. Did they think that they were being accepted by their God by being taken in to become part of that god? He didn’t know.


            He looked over at the city, and felt nothing towards it at the moment. He had always hated and loved it, and he felt odd at his sudden ambivalence towards it. He couldn’t define this feeling. He wondered if there would be ever again be a feeling for the city. He almost felt that now it was his enemy. There had been something to keep him grounded before, but now she was gone.


            All there was left was the city; it wasn’t a prospect he welcomed.


            “Certainly I must persevere though.” He said.


© 2012 Autumn Knight Productions


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