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Poe Talk

Am I the only one who thinks there is actually no bird in The Raven? No really, I used to think that Lenore had just left Eddie and that the bird was a manifestation of his mind telling him to get over it. Lenny had gone to Kansas City with another guy and he needed to get his shit together. Yeah, for some reason I hadn’t quite ticked to the fact that Lenore was supposed to be dead for a while.


I had this idea that there was no bird. Even when I got it that Lenny was dead, I couldn’t shake the idea that the bird was a manifestation of his grief, or his depression, or his liver. Because a liver can only take so much, that’s why. He was imagining the bird, who was still telling him to get over it. Lenore was dead and he needed to deal.

Also, I think the guy in The Tell-Tale Heart is bullshitting. He mentions that he “Thinks” the problem was the old man’s eye, and then obsesses about it. I don’t think he ever thought much about the eye until just that moment. Also, he keeps mentioning that he’s not crazy. I think this is a bluff. He wants an insanity plea, so he’s setting up for it. Would a mad man cut the guy’s head off? If I was crazy, would I have buried him under the floor boards? Gentlemen, am I wearing the panties my grandmother was buried in, on my head, how can you say I’m mad?

And Annabelle Lee is about a pedo turned corpse-fucker, but you knew that.

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