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IMGP9240 by greyweirdo
IMGP9240, a photo by greyweirdo on Flickr.

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The one photoshop option I like

“Why don’t You just use photoshop?” asks the person who by now you’d think would know better than to ask me questions.

Back up a bit…
I used to edit my photos using a program called Compupic, a reliable old warhorse that suited all my needs. Sadly, when I was dragged kicking and screaming into Windows 7 (which isn’t all bad) it couldn’t handle 32 or 64 bits, whichever I’m using. The program threw up its hands and went “AAAAGH!” before collapsing in the fetal position and talking about how fear was the mind-killer. My complaint about this was met by a supposed know it all asking why I didn’t just use photoshop like everyone else.

There are two reasons for this….

1) Photoshop actually has too many options.
The first time I tried to do a simple color correction in photoshop, back when I had Photoshop Lite or whatever the “Easier to Use” option was called, I literally got a headache and gave up. All I had wanted was to play with the black levels of the photo, tiny adjustments. I shut the program down with blood trickling from my nose and went back to my beloved Compupic, where it was a one button fix. There are so many ways to mess with a photo in photoshop, I was unable to find the one I wanted. This really frustrated the hell out of me, and made me avoid doing anything in photoshop for a very long time. I did eventually learn where the options I wanted are, but that’s where problem number 2 comes in…

2) Photoshop takes FOREVER!
Seriously, do you know how long it takes to load a photo, mess with a photo and then move onto the next in PS? 3 days per photo! No shit! In Compupic I could do it in 15 seconds if I was working fast. And it was a simple scroll click to get to the next picture. I tried to do it in photoshop, but the speed problem really got to me. So I kept to my old warhorse that I had ridden since the 90s. Sadly, Compupic doesn’t work anymore. I got something called Faststone Viewer, which works pretty well. Not perfect, but I can adjust the levels I want to in a reasonable amount of time.

There is, however, one thing I found interesting in photoshop. This color replacement tool is kind of neat, although the only thing I’ve used it for so far is to make the background black and white while keeping the object of the picture in color. Or the other way around. This is the only fun I’ve had with photoshop so far. I still find it otherwise frustratingly hard to navigate and as user friendly as the business end of a rattlesnake.

Still, every once in a while I make a pretty picture like this…
History's Window

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IMGP9159 by greyweirdo
IMGP9159, a photo by greyweirdo on Flickr.

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Greenfield Village Photos (Early to Mid-Autumn 2012) Pt 1


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IMGP9199 by greyweirdo
IMGP9199, a photo by greyweirdo on Flickr.

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