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The Republicans Have Endorsed Rape

As a party, I know republicans THINK they’re talking about abortion, but they’ve come off like they’re endorsing rape.

This year I’ve heard how it’s a wonderful gift from god, how it give women’s bodies special magic powers, and how all the good things in life come from rape. WOW! It sounds like rape is either a good thing, or a fucking awesome thing that the whole family can enjoy. They’ve fully gotten behind the idea of rape.

Consenting adults, who love each other? FUCK THEM! They can’t be really in love unless there is some kind of rape going on! Yeah, as far as these guys go God hates it when people consent. Got to keep gays illegal because if gays are allowed then what happens to the quality of Republican Rape?

I just… you know just fuck these guys.


October 25, 2012 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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