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IMGP8822, a photo by greyweirdo on Flickr.

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IMGP8822 by greyweirdo
IMGP8822, a photo by greyweirdo on Flickr.

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Okay Feminists, listen…

You’re basically right. Let’s get that out of the way. 98% of what feminist are currently saying is more or less correct. Dismissal of Intellect? Yeah, that happens. Objectification on a Mass Scale? Yeah, we still do that. Rape? Yeah. Reproductive rights? We’ve got problems like wow. Male Gaze? Guilty, though I’m not really sure how you intend to fix it without changing genetics. I agree with the substance of your arguments and endorse the whole of your ideas. (you can already hear the “but” coming, can’t you?)


Pretending that there was NEVER a time when the man-hating feminist was a thing?

That’s a lie.

Argue they were a minority, argue they don’t matter, argue that those ideas were part of a process and are no longer needed, but don’t say they never happened. Valerie Solanas was a popular and influential feminist of her time. And the SCUM Manifesto was, by her word, a serious work. She stated several times that she meant every word. Now, if you want to say “That doesn’t represent current feminist attitudes and never really represented mainstream feminism” no one would be happier to listen to you than me. I don’t think those ideas where ever really picked up on by most women who were looking more for better pay, less objectification, and maybe a little more understanding about what we all have to go through.

Except of course, a few mainstream feminists pick up on those ideas and expressed great admiration for those works. Gloria Steinem does represent mainstream second wave feminism and I found her hateful enough that I recoiled from her works when I tried to read them. Germaine Greer gives me similar problems as well. Both of them are intelligent women, with a lot of important things to say, but it gets lost in passages that left me going “Oh, it’s like that is it?” Sort of a shame, but there it is. I got burned at an early age by some very harsh talk and had to make my way to the idea that you’re getting fucked over on my own. I’ve had problems with a lot of the second wave feminism that I’ve read. I’ve read a lot I agree with as well, but on the whole I end up feeling like being born with a penis was a failing on my part. I sort of prefer the purity of the first wave, from what I’ve read of it. I’ll grant, I haven’t read all there has been to read, but I’ve read a few of the books and articles over the years. Of course, you also have Betty Friedan, who is the originator of the phrase, “Men weren’t really the enemy — they were fellow victims suffering from an outmoded masculine mystique that made them feel unnecessarily inadequate when there were no bears to kill.” which is pretty good.


Current feminist? Third Wave Feminist? Fine group, interesting ideas. I’m sort of annoyed that many of them are saying the exact same things that first and second wave feminists said, but that’s more of a “Are you really still having to talk about that? Haven’t we fixed that yet?” which is more a problem with society than the writer. I find that those feminists are much more even handed, and tend to extend out the idea that men aren’t the enemy, but a fellow combatant. I like the idea that it won’t really work until we’re all free. I get a better feeling that third wave has done more to embrace the “Man is not the enemy here, but the fellow victim.” mindset.

So far I haven’t had much of a problem… EXCEPT! This wish to pretend those second wave feminists didn’t exist. It is a problem. It smacks either of ignorance or of dishonesty, and we can’t have an intelligent conversation with either of those hanging over our heads. It’s like saying misandry doesn’t exist. Yes, it does. I can prove it does. I’ve seen examples of misandrists in my own life. The level of misandry I have seen, as compared to the level of misogyny is akin to that of the rainfall of Des Moines as opposed to the rainforest of the Amazon. But let’s not try and pretend that it never rains in Des Moines, okay? It does, just not as much as the Amazon.

To say that it never rains, or that there are no man hater, when we can pull out sheets of paper to the contrary, is far more problematic than having to deal with the fact that someone can justifiably call you a liar. Stand up tall, say “Yes, that happened, however that doesn’t invalidate everything else I’ve just said. The amount of shit women have to put up with is far and away far more than men have to deal with.” Yeah, some asshole will try to shut you down once you agree it happens to both sides, but that guy is shutting you down RIGHT NOW with far more justification because you are either lying about or are ignorant of what your own side has previously said.

You can’t let those assholes have any more ammo than you can help. Why give them that? I don’t want to be 60 and still having people asking if there are any funny women despite the fact that Kate Beaton, Josie Long, Susan Calman, Tina Fey and Ellen DeGeneres out there. Never mind the republicans talking about how awesome rape is, let’s sort out if women can be funny first. Yes, they can. Okay, glad that’s settled.

Look, I’ll make it simple. It comes down to veracity, and I want this discussion to have some. We must remain truthful. Yes, the bra-burning was false, never happened, but that doesn’t mean that nothing bad has ever come from our side. Accept it, and move on.

I have never considered myself a feminist, because I don’t have the equipment for it. I mean the mental equipment, there is not going to be a cheap penis joke here. I am far to entrenched in the male mindset to really understand what women are going through, in much the same sense that I can never really understand what it’s like to be a poor black growing up in the ghetto. I can say “Yeah, that’s bullshit and it shouldn’t happen.” but I can’t even begin to say I understand what that person went through. I’ve got my own sexual-socio-political problems to work out. Now it may be that some of our issues actually coincide, but I’ve got to come from a different angle and I’m attacking from the other side. But I do so with as much honesty as I can muster and I ask you to do the same.

Also, if anyone can tell me if Anne Rice was endorsing Valerie Solanas’s ideas in Queen of the Damned or satirizing them, I’d appreciate it.

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Yes, uncle, now take one of the yellow ones.

Whenever people say something like “Kids today…” or bitch about Das Bieber or whatever it is kids are listening to I just want to scream “WHAT’S THAT? I CAN’T HEAR YOU OVER THE SOUND OF YOU BEING YOUR FUCKING MOM!”


Seriously, people my age are doing this. I want to drive a stake through their hearts, cut off their heads and stuff their mouths with garlic. Or at the very least slap them. I mean, yes Das Bieber is bad, but so was MC Hammer. Look up billboard for your favorite year, you’ll be surprised at how many of the great bands that everyone talks about for decades to come weren’t on the top 10 like ever.

It’s more than that though, and I thought at the very least we would be more aware of this horse shit and not put up with it. I mean, I’ve got a book somewhere, and in this book is a music critic. Now this music critic was based in Vienna at the time of Mozart and he starts one of his reviews with “The kids today, this garbage they listen to is just noise. There’s not music there, just a lot of noise.” Now, having read that, I’ve always been aware that those complaints have always been around, and that they hold no merit. I thought more people my age were also aware of this and would take means to prevent being Those Fucking People.

I mean, clearly I was wrong, but it’s still disheartening.

Now git off mah lahn.

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The Republicans Have Endorsed Rape

As a party, I know republicans THINK they’re talking about abortion, but they’ve come off like they’re endorsing rape.

This year I’ve heard how it’s a wonderful gift from god, how it give women’s bodies special magic powers, and how all the good things in life come from rape. WOW! It sounds like rape is either a good thing, or a fucking awesome thing that the whole family can enjoy. They’ve fully gotten behind the idea of rape.

Consenting adults, who love each other? FUCK THEM! They can’t be really in love unless there is some kind of rape going on! Yeah, as far as these guys go God hates it when people consent. Got to keep gays illegal because if gays are allowed then what happens to the quality of Republican Rape?

I just… you know just fuck these guys.

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IMGP6574, a photo by greyweirdo on Flickr.

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IMGP8325, a photo by greyweirdo on Flickr.

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Going out


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