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Minor thoughts on stockings

Does anyone here remember those old Mesh Stockings filled with junk? I haven’t seen one in years, so maybe they don’t exist anymore.

I always wanted one, and no one would ever get one for me. It wasn’t until I was much older that I understood the reason my mother refused was that A) They were loaded with cheap junk and B) Those were for people who didn’t want to put forth any effort and make a proper stocking.

I still wanted one though.

I think it was the grab bag aspect. You guys know how I feel about grab bags.

Now I’ve learned that there is a knife company that makes a mesh stocking, like the ones I never had as a boy, with a small load of dangerous weapons ensconced within. Syd doesn’t understand my desire. Syd has never understood Grab Bags. I love Syd very much, but the idea of Grab Bags has always escaped her.

I’m not sure anyone really understands my desire for these things.

I love little collections of unknown junk. I always enjoy getting them out of the boxes and finding all these little surprises.

Grab bags I have seen on the internets… Continue reading

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