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Twins in Death: Chapter Five – Part Three

Twins in Death

A Tale of The Weirdo

By Brett N. Lashuay



Chapter Five: The Home Life



October 23rd, 2002

7:10 p.m.


            Jack entered the main living room, a large and sumptuously made up room, and saw the two figures lying on the floor on the Persian rug, eating cheese puffs. This is not to say they were laying on a rug made in the Persian style, the carpet they were laying on was an actual import from Persia. Glasses of Kool-Aid sat, without coasters, on a French coffee table that dated back to Louis the 14th. On the large screen TV, in harmony with the two small figures but in perfect disharmony with the room, were images of cartoon rabbits doing silly things.


            Amanda Uniton was age seven, and her brother Rutherford Uniton was age five. They were laughing at the cartoon rabbits, which were at the moment smacking another cartoon personage about the head with what appeared to be frying pans. They might have been anything, but they were probably frying pans.


            “This is what you watch?” Jack asked as he entered the room and sat down next to his children.


            “Hi Daddy.” Rutherford said climbing into his father’s lap and placing a kiss on his cheek. The kiss remained after the child had gone due to the cheese powder that inhabited the small boy’s entire face.


            “No kiss from you, Amanda?” He asked. Amanda Uniton sat up and turned around. She glared at her father.


            “Shhh.” She said. “This is the best part.”


            “I just can’t believe this is what my children spend their time watching.  Of all the things in the world one could watch, you’re watching sadistic talking animals meting out senseless and malicious attacks on people.”


            “Quiet, Jack,” The Weirdo said as he flopped down onto the two hundred-year-old velvet couch.


            Jack looked at The Weirdo with reproach; The Weirdo pointed at the screen with the look of someone who thought a look of reproach was very silly at a moment like this. The Weirdo could do that to you. He could make something you were about to say seem dumb because you realized he was going to make it sound bad before it left your mouth. He put his feet up on the velvet cushion of the couch and Jack wondered if The Weirdo had any idea how valuable the chair was. He then wondered if The Weirdo would care, as The Weirdo claimed that he bought it when it was new. Besides, it was good to see him enjoy anything instead of sulk around the house as he had been doing.


            “This is the best part, you heard her.” The pink and blue bunny smacked the spoiled rich kid with the frying pans and sent him hurtling through the air.


            “You’re a very bad influence on my children.” Jack said, even though secretly he was glad to see him enjoying himself.


            “Probably.” The Weirdo nodded. “But they’ve got to learn about sadistic talking animals sometime. Important thing to know about.”


            Jack looked around and realized he had lost this conversation. The problem with The Weirdo of course was that for all the intellect in his mind, he was in many ways a child. At least he remembered how to be a child, or what it was like to be one. He empathized with children in ways other people couldn’t fathom.


            “Alright, so what’s on next?” Jack asked sitting down.



December 10th, 2001

1:21 a.m.


            Judy lay quietly on the floor of the room, the frozen concrete biting at her. She could still feel the pain, but it had been dulled by the cold. She looked at the warehouse’s open windows and cursed her luck again. She could no longer feel her toes or fingers, just the cold collar of leather and metal around her neck. Sheila slid out of the bed and drew a blanket from the highly stacked mattress. She watched as Vena’s lids shuttered back and forth, breathing deeply in the grip of her dream. Sheila watched her own breath leap from her mouth as she stood naked in the cold air for a moment.


            “Sheila?” Judy’s voice was barely a whisper. “She’ll punish you.”


            “Then she’ll punish me.” Sheila said. “I’ve been punished before.”


            Sheila lifted the blanket to spread it out and slowly lowered it over the red headed woman’s body. She looked at her dear girl’s body and felt something twang in her chest. She loved Judy, always had, but she felt desperation again.


            She saw how poor Judy’s lips had turned blue from the cold, and looked over at Vena, wanting to smash her head in. It would do no good of course; they had learned that a long time ago when they had tried to kill her before. With the windows open the room was so cold that frost had formed over the tops of the blankets that were at the pinnacle of the pile Vena had stacked on herself. Judy’s naked body lay shivering on the frozen floor. Sheila slowly lifted and drew away another two blankets, slowly so as not to disturb the sleeping woman.


            She laid one on the floor and shifted Judy down onto it, then laid herself next to her cold love. She pulled the two blankets up over them, and tried to produce any heat she could manage. They would catch hell for it later, but Sheila could handle that. If they got locked in the basement again, there were the heating pads and blankets she had hidden there. For now she gently brushed Judy’s fiery red hair and breathed on her face to try and get some color back into her cheeks.



October 23rd, 2002

7:23 p.m.


            Tommy entered the room looking at the back of a woman he knew to be the most beautiful red haired woman in the world. The lines of her body were fine and strong, her shoulders gently rolling objects of beauty. He had to catch his breath again, as he often did when seeing her.


            Judy was sitting in the dinning room, an empty bowl sitting in front of her. She had just finished eating a bowl of ramen noodles, and now a pair of chopsticks sat next to the bowl. She wasn’t looking at Tommy as he walked into the room. Her light crystalline blue eyes were fixed on the table, as her red locks swung from side to side. She was shifting in her chair, from left to right a pair of white cords waving with her body movements. The white cords came from a pair of ear buds, which were sitting in her ear, and were running down to a small white and metal device. It was made by the Apple Company, and was used to play digital music files. It had recently been a present from Tommy, and she was still greatly enamored of it.


            Until the last year she had almost never been given a present, and even rarer that said present hadn’t been taken away from her later. This had been her present, and hers alone. Tommy had bought the iPod without telling her, which had worried him for some time. He had worried about whether or not she would like it, if she would be annoyed with him for buying something without consulting her about it. She hadn’t actually asked for the device but she never asked for anything. His worries had been unfounded as she had loved the device and spent all her spare time listening to it.


            He smiled as he watched her shifting her butt back and forth in the chair, as she grooved to the music that was pouring from the two small speakers. He didn’t want to surprise her by touching her, because he hated to shock her. She had been through so many shocks in her life, and he didn’t think another one would be quite fair. Even if it was a small one, she deserved the attention of mind to try and avoid it if he could. He walked around her and turned, waiting for those blue eyes to look up at him. She did and waved at him as she noticed he was there. She paused her music and took the ear buds from her ears.


            “Hi.” She said, blushing slightly.


            “Hello.” He said.


            “I was jammin’.” She said smiling.


            “I saw that.” He agreed.


            “I like my iPod.” She said.


            “I’m glad.” He said brushing a strand of hair.


            It wasn’t because the strand was bothering him, rather that he wanted an excuse to come in contact with her. She had that sort of face, the sort you wanted to touch, and kiss. It was a beautiful face, a gorgeous face and when her life was just getting started, that had caused all her problems. There didn’t seem to be many problems for her now though. She lived in this big house with the man and woman she loved, and no one ever beat her anymore.


            “How was today?” She asked. “Did he manage to go shopping?”


            “Has it been on the news yet?”


            “I haven’t seen the news today.” She said, shaking her head. “Why?”


            “He managed to go shopping.” Tommy said placing a finger to his temple and scratching around his ear.




            “It’ll be on the news.”   He sighed and rubbed at his chin. “Some kids were looking for trouble, trouble found them.”


            “Ah.” She said nodding sagely. “Is everyone alright?”


            “The kid who tried to start shit with him is gonna need some physical therapy.”


            “I meant the good guys.” She said.


            He paused for a moment to look at her. He sometimes had trouble remembering that although she had been on this planet for nearly five thousand years, she still was from a world where people got hurt for being bad guys. Her streak of meanness rarely manifested itself, but there was a viper behind the light blue eyes.


            “Yeah.” He said smiling. “The good guys are all fine.”


            “Good then.”


            “Do you know where Sheila is my love?”


            “Library I think.” She said. “Are you going to say hi?”


“I was thinking about it.”


“I’ll come with you.” She stood up and wiped her lips with her napkin.


            “Okay.” He said and took her hand.


            It had been nearly a year now, since that basement hole he had sprung them from. That dark, cold, forsaken place from which they had probably not even dreamed escape was a possibility. When had he smashed that door in, had gathered the two of them up, and taken them away.

© 2012 Autumn Knight Productions

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