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The Great VEWPRF Death March – The Muppet Christmas Carol

One more day, then one more day, then 28 more days. Will we make it, or will we fall? Or will the Krampus pick us off one by one? Only time will tell!

ANYWAY! Until then, enjoy another old review…

Yes, I know, there will be an essay later.

The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992 Dir. Brian Henson)

Dude, how long have those people been there?

This is the only live action version of The Christmas Carol that I don’t refer to by the actor playing Scrooge. I refer to it by its title, because Michael Caine just isn’t as memorable as the Muppets are. There’s nothing wrong with his performance, but Caine is just nothing special compared to a lot of the puppets on display here. I would be willing to see him play the part again against an all human cast but, here he greatly gets lost in the shuffle against all the felt and effects. If I have a problem with this version, it’s that it feels like we’ve been here before. That’s not much of a problem though, as this is a family version and to some extent you sort of don’t really want surprises. Even though this movie contains what is possibly my favorite innovation as far as a movie based on A Christmas Carol is concerned.

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