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Today’s step on the Death March to VEWPRF is going to be a link to my other blog where we review The Fat Albert Christmas Special

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VEWPRF Death March Update

Umm… I can explain.

See, thursday of last week I started to feel poorly.

Monday of this week I decided that I got sick time and fuck work so I called in.

Tuesday, my day off, it got worse.

Wednesday… on Wednesday I fell asleep during an episode of MST3K and had what can only be described as a nightmare involving Gamera inviting me to eat the meat he was made of… just like in the song*. A 103 fever will do that sometimes. The problem was, it wasn’t even that coherent. I’m making my fever dream seem coherent for comedy. Really it was a 15 second piece that had Gamera in it, while shapes flew by and slotted into place, repeated over and over again. Meanwhile I occasionally woke up just long enough to interrupt the flow and then went back to sleep. My fever dreams are AWESOME! The night before that it was the team from Leverage, putting together a puzzle for some reason. Again, 15 seconds, over and over and over… I would have welcomed a pair of blood splattered twins. Dreams where my dead grandmother climbs up my leg with a dagger in her teeth are something I can cope with, but this was something else entirely.
*Gamera is really neat, Gamera is made of meat, we been eatin’ Gamera!

Anyway, the point I’m making is that’s why there were no Death March entries for the last two days. I was simply too far gone. I’ll make up for it, I stumbled but did not die.

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