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The Three Billy-Boys Gruff pt 2


Chapter 2 – William Gruff

The follow contains scenes of an explicit nature. Reader discretion is advised. 

This Story is still dedicated to Captain B.J. Smethwick (Mrs.)


            William Gruff was, at the moment his brother found him, up young Jane Toliver. Jane was a game lass, who liked her bread buttered on both sides, if you know what I mean. When Willie burst through the door, she barely noticed, but continued to grind into William’s crotch with a ferocity that scared normal men. William, however, did notice and looked over Jane’s shoulder at his bother.


            Willie was behaving quite strangely as far as his brother’s description went. He had a jar of cold cream and a bucket full of ice cubes and was alternating cramming one and then the other up his backside. William watched as Jane mashed her sex down on his own, causing her to scream like some sort of dark monster from the tales of old Ireland. William quickly stuck his hand between them and performed a complex series of finger movements, which caused Jane to scream, moan, and then pass out on the bed next to him.


            “Is this some new perversion brother?” William asked. “Or has something arisen?”


            Willie quickly and breathlessly told William the story of Mister Troll, the gold sovereigns, and the most massive cock he had ever had attempt to force its way up his bum hole. He went on to explain the stabbings and having to kill old Mrs. Miller, Frank’s Mother, in order to get a hold of the cold cream to soothe his backside. When he was done, William leaned against Jane, using one of her breasts as a pillow, and stroked his chin.


            “Fifty gold sovereigns?” William asked. “Is that a thing? Or were sovereigns minted later and as such shouldn’t appear in a story of this era?”


            “I suppose.” Willie said shoving a piece of ice where the sun rarely shone, “This being a fantasy steampunk version of London, that it could be a representative piece of any coinage, so long as the economy was sufficiently developed to support that sort of denominations.”


            “Isn’t that a bit meta?” William asked.


            “I couldn’t say,” Willie told him. “I don’t know what that means.”


            William was always surprised at how his younger brother could be both such a genius and such a blithering idiot. He supposed it was something Willie would just grow out of, unless another wave of the plague swept though and killed him. Willie was, he reflected, dumb enough to lick a plague corpse to see what would happen.


            “Well, there’s nothing for it, but for me to take my elastic rectum to the bridge.” William announced. “I shall have to go see Mister Troll and get both your watch and our sovereigns. I suppose fifty gold ones is quite a substantial sum at this level of inflation.”


            “Yes.” Willie said, and stuck another piece of ice up his ass.


            William walked back to the bridge, with his own fine silk hat on his head. William was not as beautiful as his brother, but he wore his beauty well and knew how to dress and hold himself. While a posed photograph would call Willie the more beautiful one, when accoutrements and attitude were laid upon him, William was far more attractive.


            He saw Mister Troll under the bridge as he approached. The man was dressed in a rather tattered over coat, with what looked like cat piss stains on them, and a top hat that was worn and frayed unlike William’s own silk hat which was shiny and perfect. Still, he’d fucked worse. Lord Palmerstone’s wife liked to watch her horses fuck him, and they were horrific smelling animals, to say nothing to fucking Mrs. Palmerstone herself.


            “I understand that you buggered my brother today.” William said as he approached.


            “I made an attempt at buggering your brother.” Troll said. “He couldn’t even take the insertion.”


            “Well, some of us are made of sterner stuff and have had more things up our backsides.” William remarked with a toss of his head, which had the effect that his hat fell off. “My brother, while legally able to engage in adult activities in whatever area you are reading this, is still a young man and has only had other young men up his backside. I however, fuck farm animals at the behest of perverse old women who pay me handsomely to watch me befoul my loins with animal semen.”


            “You make it sound so romantic.” Troll said.


            “Never mind that!” William said dropping his pants and spinning around to show his glorious rump. “I wish to claim the gold sovereigns, the watch my brother stole, and our family’s honor.”             


            “Very well then.” Mister Troll rubbed something into his backside and began to entreat the entryway to his bowels.


            It hadn’t been anywhere near as bad as Willie had lead him to believe. Troll was large, but he was human and in no way beyond what William could handle. Or so he thought, for Troll had a particular way of moving around inside him that caught him off guard. He felt his own cock stiffen and could feel himself shuddering. Troll’s hand came around and barely wisped across William’s penis, which seemed to explode and rocket. A cry escaped William’s mouth, and he fell face first into a puddle of his own spunk, proving that he had lost the wager.


            “Now what am I to do?” Mister Troll asked. “That’s the second time this family has failed me. I still haven’t had mine.”


            “I pray you sir, wait!” William gasped between thuds of his heart. “Allow me to fetch my brother, he is the oldest and strongest of us, and I am sure he can satisfy you.”


            “I shall need to keep your pretty hat and coat.” Troll said, picking them up. “So as to make sure you keep your part of the bargain.”


            “Yes sir.” William said struggling to his feet. “Of course sir, and I will soon be back.”


            “You’d better” Troll said darkly as the middle child of the Gruff Family scampered away.


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