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Allow us to Discuss Car Kits

I have a car, and a back story. The back story informs how I feel about the car. How I feel about the cart, informs the following photographs.

NOW! Emergency means something different to someone like me than someone who say, lives somewhere not as suburban as I live. As a result, the kit is actually a multi-stage event. There is one kit in the glove compartment, one in the pocket of the back seat one in the trunk, and one that exists because of pure paranoia. We shall deal with them in reverse order.

Every piece has a purpose.

There are some things that everyone says you need, and I don’t have. This is because at some point I shrugged and said “Whatev” because that’s a thing I say. Partly, there is a element of “I’m sure the car already has that with the tire iron.” and partly there’s an element of “Syd won’t let me buy anymore crap for my car kit.” So no road flares, to reflective triangle, no radiation detector.

These are the things I have, and I’m leaving some things out because I didn’t take photos. You don’t need to see my jacket, or extra blanket. Just know that they’re there. Mostly, I build my own kits, but at some point you kind of break down and buy stuff. I’m including the bought kits so you know what I think you should have. Allow us to begin with…

PURE PARANOIA – This Trauma Bag will run you about $55 either at Amazon or the Army/Navy store. It comes with all you see here.


Will I ever need all of this? Probably not. I have had a first aid class though, so I can use all of it if I need to. Probably not as expertly as someone who knows what they hell they’re doing, but most of this is gauze, pads and tape along with a few bits of disinfectant wipes. I bought this because once you’ve allowed your paranoid self to enter the surplus store, you have to allow it to buy something stupid or you end up bringing home Israeli gas masks, which were a STEAL at $20 a piece, but Syd said it was creepy looking. It has happened that people have been hurt though and if ever there is a serious accident and someone needs that much gauze, I will totally have them covered. This lives in the trunk, if I get to the point of needing this, I will be at a point where getting out of the car or climbing into the truck from the back seat will be the least of my worries.

Okay, let’s go on to the trunk kit that is less paranoid.

So this is an old 50 cal ammo box my father had left over from his army days. This is less a car kit so much as it’s a “Things have gone terribly wrong and you may be here for some time.” kit. There are car things though, let’s look inside.

So, as you can see, there are jumper cables and a flashlight. A good solid LED 2D Maglite in fact. This is because I have been caught out trying to use my cell phone as a light before. Not the current one, that actually has a flashlight on it. One of the old ones that just sort of glowed. Always have a good flashlight kids! You may also notice Dad’s old Ontario Cutlery knife. Sometimes you need a bigger knife.

IMGP8585 IMGP8582
There’s also water and food though. Yes, those are emergency ration meal bars and four things of water. I figure at some point I should get filter straws or something, but for right now, these will do.

IMGP8589 IMGP8605
There are also storm-proof matches and some plumbers candles. Along with a little pocket saw that was cheap and my paranoia was working on me when I went shopping. The matches and saw (and a little knife that I would only trust with my life if I’d lost everything but that little knife because it’s cheap as hell) fit in this box my wallet came in. I figure it’s a bit of extra protection. I should have a pencil and some paper in there too, but you can’t worry about every damn thing.

As you can see, it all fits in the box, along with the paracord I didn’t mention. Remember what Sam said about wanting a good bit of rope in Fellowship of the Rings? Of course not, that bit wasn’t in the movies and you’re all cretins! Sorry, that was uncalled for. Anyway, a bit of rope is useful and this is a bit of rope.

Now for the one that goes in the pocket…

I bought this one, it’s basic.

I added these, the snake bite kit and the rolled gauze. Just a load of things in case I cut myself with a Japanese Carpentry Knife, which has happened before. It fits in the pocket, and if someone is cut, then there it is.

So then we have the bag that sits in my glove box…
We got it cheap at the mall, it was on sale. You will note some paracord keychains on the bag. I got those before I got the length of paracord, but they’re harmless and might even be helpful at some point. This is the kit for urban emergencies, the kind you wait out while The Help gets on with things.

Now the things in this are basic, or needed at a moment. The Gerber multi-tool is an old standby. I let Syd keep my old Leatherman in her car and bought the new one. There are mints, which I need sometimes, and playing cards and a couple of books. One is a little fact book and the other is a collection of short stories. The white tube is full of low level pain killers, aspirin and the like. The brandy is because sometimes you need to pull over, have a drink and just look at the scenery for an hour. The little knife got into this photo by accident, it belongs with the saw and matches. These are the real things I need. Sometimes I’ll be waiting and need a book, sometimes I need a mint, sometimes I need a 5 of clubs, sometimes I need a damn drink!

There is also this…
A SOL Scout kit. I didn’t take everything out, because… because. You can read the description. Again, I might need to grab this and keep it with me, so I keep it accessible.

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Part of the Car Kit

Do you know, no one ever believes that I keep a miniature of brandy in my emergency kit.


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IMGP9463 by greyweirdo
IMGP9463, a photo by greyweirdo on Flickr.

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