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Twins in Death: Chapter Five – Part Four

Twins in Death

A Tale of The Weirdo

By Brett N. Lashuay



Chapter Five: The Home Life


October 23rd, 2002

7:24 p.m.


            Sheila was sitting sideways in a chair, reading a book. Her long blonde hair had been tied into a braid behind her head, and it dangled over the arm of the chair. This had put it in the path of Bagheera, who watched it gently swing back and forth. He occasionally would bat at it with a paw and bite it. The problem was that the hair wasn’t really good for eating and he would have to let it go and bob in front of him some more. He watched carefully, wanting to make sure that the hair didn’t escape, but not really invested in catching it.


            She was reading The Thin Man, which she had decided to read after she and The Weirdo had watched it one afternoon. She was surprised at how close the story was and yet how many things felt different. It was a sense of tone more than anything else.


            She had spent a lot of time doing things like watching movies with him over the last few months. She had always felt somewhat maternal towards people, ever since her own child had been plucked away from her all that time ago. She had tried drawing him out during most of July, but now they simply sat and silently watched the movies together. He might talk about the movies, or some of the participants but little else during these times. He was a good person to watch movies with because he didn’t mind her odd learning curve. Having been kept as a slave for as long as she had, she knew a lot of small things from different eras, but the culture and history had totally passed her by. He didn’t mind that she didn’t know certain things he just explained them as best he could.


            She was also looking across the room at a present Tommy had bought her. It was another book by Neil Gaimen and that particular edition had cost two hundred dollars. She hadn’t actually read the edition, for all the times she had pulled it out and looked at it, she was too worried about damaging it. She had read the book and told him about how much she loved it after she read it. That was the same week Judy’s tape player had broken and Tommy had brought them back the presents. He had explained, somewhat shamefacedly that the book had only cost half as much as the music device, as if she would care about that.


            She had always been the better treated of the two of them, and she had sometimes thought that Tommy wanted to make up for that a little. Not that Sheila was feeling left behind you understand. She was allowed to read books now, to watch movies and to actually own things. She had been so enamored by the book, and so terrified to touch it. It was the nicest thing that she had ever thought of as really hers. There had been clothes, but a person rarely really thinks of clothes as theirs. Clothes aren’t really something you think of as a thing you have unless it’s something very special because they’re too ubiquitous. This book though, it was her’s and her’s alone.


            There was a kind of power in that ownership, one she had never felt before. No one else could even touch the book unless they asked her if they could have a look at it. She knew this and it thrilled her to hear them ask. She wanted people to notice and ask to examine the beautifully made tome just so she could hold that power for a moment and allow them to look at it. In a way she thought it more special than Judy’s device, because The Weirdo had one, as did Max. Everyone in the house had seen and used the device, everyone was very excited for her. Sheila and Marla had allowed her to show them all the interesting features, but no one had seen the book before, the book was special.


            Sheila sometimes felt bad about thinking like this. That it was wrong for someone who had been born a slave to exalt in such things as reading a book and owning a book. Vena had been forced to teach them to read about two hundred years ago so she could sell their favors in a few of the better brothels in France and England. She hadn’t liked to, but she had to make them smarter or sell them to a lesser whorehouse.


            Sheila tried not to think of those days though. No matter how short a time they had been over, they were over. Many people think of an immortal as the sort of person who would spend long hours dreaming of the past, and holding onto traditions. Sheila didn’t know how others managed, but they had managed by doing the opposite. They had always lived in the now because dwelling on the past would drive you mad and the two of them had no future. Until that door was smashed open and Tommy came bursting in, there had been no future, and the past was too painful to think about. She had spent thousands of years just getting through today, never thinking about tomorrow or yesterday.


            “Hello darling.” Tommy said as he entered.


            She felt the world make that much more sense again as she turned. It wasn’t that the world stopped making senses when they were gone, but it made more sense when they were here. She felt her mind sharpen and her face soften as the two of them came into the room. She had loved Judy since the day they had met, and she thought perhaps she had loved Tommy from that day but had just been waiting to meet him all that time.


            The three of them shared a round of kisses, and a three way hug ensued which is a bit like a small football huddle only closer together. Judy, who was slightly shorter than the other two, laid her head between their chests and listened to the gentle thumping of the pair of hearts she loved best.


            It had just sort of happened really, that’s what Tommy had said, that it had just sort of happened. After he had taken them from the woman who had claimed to own them for more time than anyone knew, the three of them had ended up in bed together. One should say rather in bed together again, they had seduced him before. This time had been different though, this time they had wanted to bed him. It was that time that he knew they would either break his heart or stay with him. It hadn’t taken them a lot of coaxing to stay, it had taken them coaxing to go though. I don’t mean go as he tried to convince them to leave him. I mean it took coaxing to get them to leave him alone. They had been slaves to a mad woman for a long time, and the idea of thinking for themselves and choosing to do things without anyone’s permission but their own was a difficult lesson to learn. They had been learning it though, and the process was still going on.


            “Did he shop?” Sheila asked.


            “He shopped.” Tommy said.


            “He also busted head.” Judy said with unnatural delight.


            “Oh?” Sheila asked. “I’m not certain, is that good or bad?”


            “I don’t know.” Tommy said.


            “It’s good.” Judy said. “It means he can go back to his thing.”


            “Well,” Sheila said, looking into Tommy’s royal blue eyes. “She does have a point.”


            “She does.” Tommy said. “Let’s see his reaction though shall we?”



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