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Twins in Death: Chapter Five – Part Five

Twins in Death

A Tale of The Weirdo

By Brett N. Lashuay



Chapter Five: The Home Life



December 22nd, 2001

8:06 a.m.


            Tommy looked at the building and then at the large sledgehammer in his hand. He felt the bracing cold flow around him as he stood in the empty street. There was nearly a square mile of abandoned warehouses in this part of town, so he had a pretty good likelihood of privacy as he worked. The early hour wouldn’t have mattered five years ago, but five years ago this entire area was bustling with activity. Now it was empty; even the bums eschewed it. There was little point in trying to use one of these places, they could act like a valley and create huge amounts of wind when outside there might be very little. Many of them were also hard to heat, and there were better places than these to try. He was going to be alone, just him and this building.


            He wasn’t going to spend any great amount of time in there anyway, just enough to get those two girls out. He had watched as Vena beat them, for the tiniest infraction. She had handcuffed him to the water pipe and one of them had gasped in dismay, and the savagery had begun. That tiny noise, that the red headed girl had made, that had been enough. Vena broke a vase over the girl’s head, cutting her face quite badly and kicked her with the pointed heel of the high boots. When the blonde had tried to intervene the mad woman began to beat her as well. She picked up his gun and shot the both of them several times, throwing the weapon down in disgust before sitting in a chair across from him.


            He knew he had been stupid, going home with the two girls. It hadn’t been a bright move, and had he been thinking he wouldn’t have done it. They had managed to pick him up though and brought him home for a bit of fun. It had been fun too, the two girls had been quite adept, but then their employer had entered. The woman called herself Vena and explained that the Syndicate had hired her. He felt impressed that the New York Crime Families were hiring outside help to kill them, it meant that they were getting somewhere.


             She was nearly seven foot tall, and every inch had been made of muscle. She gave him a pretty good beating, and it would take weeks for the swelling in his left eye to go down. He hadn’t been expecting it, lying naked and sated in the bed between the two lovelies. Had his brain not been so addled, he might have managed to stave off the attack or at least fight back a bit.


            She had caught him at that golden moment though, and used the two girls so he wouldn’t be able to focus on a third watching him. They seemed to feel about it later though, which he counted as a point in their favor. She had then beaten him and cuffed him to the water pipe. That was when the problems began for the two girls. She had beaten and then shot both of them, leaving him momentarily shell shocked, which he probably shouldn’t have been.


            “I’m not going to kill you just yet.” Vena said.


            “No?” Tommy asked.


            “No.” She said. “Carlos and I had a long talk about killing people too early.”


            “Did you?” He asked, believing the old adage that if they were talking they weren’t shooting


            “We did.” She said. “We’re going to use you as bait.”




            “Yes, really.” She said.


            “You think they won’t just abandon me?”


            “No.” She said. “He wouldn’t abandon anyone.”


            She turned and saw that the red head was getting up off the floor. The blonde was beginning to stir and Tommy’s eyes grew very wide. He looked at them as they began to move about. They had been shot and killed. A lot of physical damage had been done to their faces as well. None of that was in evidence now though. Their naked flesh once again took on the perfect curves and unblemished qualities he had noticed before. He looked at Vena who slapped the red haired woman so hard she fell back to the ground.


            “You’ll have to excuse me.” She said. “These two need to be taught a lesson about speaking out of turn.”


            She grabbed a fist full of each woman’s hair and dragged them, limping behind her out of the room. There was a lot of screaming on the mad woman’s part about how they could stay in the basement forever as far as she was concerned. That she might find a way to kill them once and for all now that they had served their purpose.


            Tommy managed to get to his feet and hook his pants with a toe and drag them over to him. He had his Swiss army knife in there, and the handcuffs looked cheap. Sure enough, less than a minute later, he was yanking his pants on and grabbing his shirt. He took up the rest of his clothes and ran out the door with them in his hand. He had left his gun behind, but there were lots of guns in the world. He made it to the sedan and had driven away, thinking himself lucky for doing so.


            He then began to think of the two women he had left behind, and what must have been happening to them. He thought about calling The Weirdo and the rest, but there had been something personal about this. He hadn’t believed the two young women had meant him any real harm, and there was something about them that went beyond their sexuality. He didn’t like seeing anyone hit a woman, it was something deep in his pre-war mind that made him believe only a cowardly punk would hit a woman. Besides, the bitch still had his gun, and he liked that gun. So he had gotten his clothes on, and stopped at a hardware store to get a few items.


            Now it was two hours later than that, and he was ready to perform the task which he had returned for. She had said that they could stay in the basement, so he would look for the basement. He had expected the door to be locked and thus it was. He leveled the sledgehammer and smashed the handle off. The door swung open and he found the two of them huddled together under one emergency blanket.


            “Come on.” He said as he stood in the doorway.


            “She’ll find out.” The red haired on said.


            “She certainly will.” He said walking into the room. “And I hope she bursts a blood vessel from screaming.


            “She’ll be angry.” The blonde said. “I don’t want to make her angry.”


            “Do you want to stay with her?” He asked. “I can help you get away and keep you safe.”


            “We’re her property.” The blonde said hopelessly. “It would be illegal for us to leave her.”


            “Look out.” The red head said.


            Tommy spun around, and brought the hammer swinging with him. He felt lucky that it did indeed turn out to be Vena as he didn’t think he could stop the hammer when it came with him. It struck her in the head, which felled her with an explosion of blood. He lifted the heavy hammer over his head and smashed the skull again with one massive sweep of the hammer.  He lifted the hammer over his head again and brought it down on the middle of the back, swung it back and smashed a hip, a shoulder, more of the torso. By the time he was done, it would take a decent forensic team about three hours to discern the rib bone from the shinbone and whether they should be connected. He then let the hammer go, letting it land in the wet mess he had made. The handle stood straight up for a moment then swung down and tapped the ground.


            “It is illegal in this country for one person to own another person.” He said panting. He wasn’t aware of it at the moment, but there was steam rising from him in the cold. He felt that something needed to be added to his last statement “And besides, I’ve just killed her with a sledge hammer.”


            “She’ll get back up in a minute.” The red head said, tears spilling from her face. “She’s going to be so mad, we’re gonna get punished.”


            “God damn it.” He said angrily and took the red head’s arm. “Get up.”


            Her arm, and the rest of her naked body had turned blue from the cold.  He looked at the other woman who was like her. It made him so angry at the corpse behind him, whose head he could see was already reforming. The bits of skull were sliding across the floor towards each other like a film trick in those horror and action movies he’d taken his son to when he was a boy. Even if Jason and the Argonauts destroyed the skeletons, they would always reform like that.


The red head’s tears ran down her face and she bit her hand slightly. He looked at her and noticed how inhumanly cold everything was. The tears had frozen to her face, making small flat icicles across her cheeks.


            “We’re gonna be in so much trouble.” She said, her voice quavering.


            “If you come with me, you’ll be safe.” He said, trying to sound more heroic than he felt at that moment. “I promise.”


            The red head looked at the blonde imploringly and then back at Tommy and at the body of Vena, who was regaining bits of her face while they waited. He turned and looked at the reforming corpse and at the two women. He bent down, picked up the hammer and began to smash at the corpse again. He swung the hammerhead like a golf club, sending bits of skull ten feet and splattering the reformed entrails across the wall.


            He brought the head of the hammer down on body a few more times, his face twisting with disgust as he did so. Somewhere deep in his mind he could hear his father’s disapproving voice yelling that a boy doesn’t hit girls. He felt that today he’d actually earned the hysterics his father had gone through when he’d punched Jenny Parkins that day when he was five. How his dad had yelled about that, you’d think the world had ended because he’d punched someone who frankly had been asking for it for sometime.


            “I can’t do this all day.” He said turning from the splattered remains of Vena, which were reforming as he spoke. His arms felt like putty, and his head was already swimming. Clearly he wasn’t as young as he liked to pretend he’d become.


            “Okay.” The blonde said. “Come on Judy, we’d better get some clothes while we can.”


            “Okay Sheila.” The one called Judy said bending down and picking something on a chain off the floor.


            He was relived that they’d called each other by name because he had actually forgotten their names and now he wouldn’t have to ask them. They ran up the stairs and the girls grabbed the clothes they could put on at that moment. Tommy watched as they dressed, and noticed that they didn’t look for any personal mementos. They simply put on the most sensible clothes they had and were ready to go in under five minutes.


            “Don’t you have anything you want to take?” He asked as he checked his gun before putting it into his shoulder holster.


            “Like personal things?” Sheila asked.


            “Yeah.” He said nodding.


            “We don’t have anything of our own.” Judy said pulling on her wool coat with the fur collar. “She doesn’t let us have things of our own.”


            “Well, we’ll see about changing that soon.” Tommy said. “You’re ready then?”


            “Yes Tommy.” Sheila said and took Judy’s arm. “We’re ready.”


            “Hang on.” Judy said and walked to the bed and opened the cabinet next to it.


            She pulled out the heavy fire safe that sat inside and placed it on the bed. Pulled out the small chain she had picked up in the basement and looked at the object on it. It was a small key that fit into the lock. She opened the safe and pulled out two old pieces of paper, or possibly even parchment, from the safe. She didn’t bother to close the safe or replace it. She held the pieces of what Tommy could see now where parchment out to him.


            “If you’re going to steal us, you should take these then.” Judy said, her bright green eyes dancing with some more of malevolent glee.


            “What are they?” Tommy asked opening the carefully folded pages to find a lot of writing he couldn’t decipher.


            “Those are our contracts.” Sheila said, as if amazed Judy had the temerity to touch them.


            “Contracts?” Tommy asked looking up from the gibberish on the pages.


            “Our sale contracts.” Sheila said a little breathlessly. “Those say we are the property of the person who holds them.”


            “We should go.” He said slipping them into his pocket.


            It was another five minutes after they had left that Vena returned to herself and found them gone. She had raged over that, smashed everything in the living space of the converted warehouse in her rage. That man had stolen her girls. He had come in and deliberately taken what was hers. She still had the contracts by Gadfry.


            It was then that she saw the safe on the bed, with the key still in it. He had taken those as well, which was all the proof he’d need to say they were his. Of course no one else in the world would believe it, besides those two, but in many ways that was all that was important. The person who had those pages owned them, and they both knew it.

She sat down on the bed and furiously slapped the safe, knocking it to the floor. She then kicked it and broke her toes from the force of her strike. She then had to hop around for a few minutes while her toes realigned themselves. She sat back down on the bed and tried to think about what she would do next, which was that she would of course kill them all. She would have to call Carlos and get him on top of this.


© 2012 Autumn Knight Productions

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