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Twins in Death: Chapter Six – Part One

Twins in Death

A Tale of The Weirdo

By Brett N. Lashuay



Chapter Six: To Plan a Meeting



October 5th, 1405

4:12 p.m.



            Lau Chan sat with his legs crossed and his hands in his lap. He had heard the young man approach, but hadn’t actually looked at him. His eyes were closed and until he heard the door open he had been asleep. The young man had walked up to him and sat down; he could hear that much. The ground had been littered with fallen leaves and they made quite a bit of noise as he approached. He had been expecting this man. Pai Mai had asked him to take this odd man on.


            “So you have come to learn from me?” The old man asked, still not moving.


            “I hope to.” The young man said, with an accent he had never heard before.


            The old man’s eyes had opened to the thinnest of slits, and he surveyed the young man. He had been recommended highly by a former student, who claimed he’d saved her life. She had explained it to him in great detail, and said despite being a foreign devil he should take the man on.


            “Pai Mai asked me to train you.” The old man said, “But I have my pride.”


            “Oh?” The Weirdo asked.


            “She said that you are already a great warrior, that the Shaolin monks taught you much. I suspect, however, that she may be enamored of you. She spoke far too highly of your prowess you see.” The old man’s eyes opened. “For that a test will be required. I will train you if you can pass my test.”


            “Okay.” The man said, completely unshaken.


            It wasn’t just that the young man was calm about it. In fact he seemed to be expecting this. There was something about him that seemed to say he had done this sort of things many time and expected to do it many more. There was also something else, something not exactly human. You would have to have made a great study of humans over a long time as Lau Chan had done to see it, but there it was.


            “We spar, if you can hit me just once then…”


            The left hand swung out in a wide arc, Lau hadn’t been ready for the suddenness of the attack, but still he blocked it with ease. He hadn’t realized that the left hand had been a diversion though. This right hand shot straight out and slapped across his cheek. Lau’s eyes opened wide as he looked at the young man. He was clearly shocked, the young man wasn’t.


            Had Lau been expecting him to strike, he could have stopped him, but he had been caught off guard. Lau Chan was still impressed by the speed of the man though. He had been fifty before he had achieved that kind of speed. No one had ever thought to try attacking before he was ready before. No one had ever been able to overcome the intimidation of sitting before the great Lau Chan before. He let the man’s left hand go and touched the spot where he had slapped him.


            “You didn’t even let me finish.” Lau Chan said.


            “Didn’t want to miss what I thought was probably my only chance.”


            “Clever.” Lau Chan said. “I shall train you then, it will take time though.”


            “I’ve got time.”


            “It could take twenty years.”


            “I’ve got time.” He said.


            “What shall I call you?”


            “It doesn’t really matter.” The young man said with a vague shrug.


            The old man had been prepared for this sort of thing. Pai had actually told him when she had come to talk to him. He wanted to make sure this man would actually say such a thing though. He could tell already it wasn’t going to take twenty years, maybe five.


            “You will begin by meeting the other students, and helping them with the water.”


            “Water?” The Weirdo asked.




            There was a river, at the bottom of about a hundred steps. Lau Chan’s home was at the top of a high hill, and there was a well at the top of it. The well needed water it seemed, and the only way to get it was by descending to the river and bringing up bucketfuls.


            “These three are your fellow students.” Lau Chan said. “You will all learn together.”


            “Hello.” The man said with a nod.


            “Fill the well.” Lau Chan said handing The Weirdo a pair of buckets suspended on a long stick.


            Two of the other students were resting for a moment as they waited, the long pole across their shoulders. Lau Chan nodded to the four of them and walked up the stairs again. The Weirdo looked at the buckets and at the two young men, much younger than him, who began walking up the stairs again.


            “We better get started.” A young man said to him as he came down the stairs. “He gets angry if the well isn’t full before dinner.”


            They went down the stairs, filled the buckets and carried them up. It was extremely hard work, and The Weirdo got fed up with it very quickly. He poured his second consignment of water into the well and thought about having to do those stairs a third time.


            “Oh screw this.” He said, and then a thought struck him.


            He looked at the hill and made a quick mental calculation in his head. He thought about the angle and ran his tongue along his lips. He looked at the hill, at the river that was so close to the edge of the hill. He examined the stones that marched to the river and the trees on either side.


            “What?” The young man asked.


            “I said screw this, which gives me an idea.” The Weirdo said. “Where is his axe?”


            “Over near the fire wood.” He said. “But we don’t chop wood until…”


            “Never you mind that.” He said. “You want to lift buckets like a mule?”


            “I think that we lift buckets for more than water.”


            “Yeah well blow that for a lark. He gave us one objective, so I’m going to fill the one objective he gave me.”




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