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How things have been

I took an accidental break from my camera for like… two months recently. That kind of ended when the weather turned, and I’ve been out at places and taken some photos in the last two weeks. The photos are coming. I’ve got to select, do some editing, and then post.


The new store opened, and things have been going pretty well. Everyone has been working hard, it’s been pretty good. I had a couple of incidents though, during the grand opening. Don’t worry, these are probably good things.


Some old woman’s car died in the drive way of the new store. She ran out of gas. So I grabbed my coat and pushed her into the parking lot. Then we hopped in my car and I drove her around the corner to the nearest gas station. She got a gallon of gas and we filled up her car. I got gas all over my coat, but that’s a side issue. She got to the gas station and filled up and thanked everyone in the store. It’s a little embarrassing to be knee deep in executives at a time like that, because everyone wants to tell you how awesome you’re being and I was in a mood where I just wanted to get back to work and not talk about it.


So then… one of the executives was having a problem with her rewards card. That was a two second fix, and she then went on to express to the other executives nearby how she’s been to ten stores in the last couple of weeks and has told those people how the card didn’t work and no one even tried to fix it, but I did it in about two seconds. That kind of annoyed me, because (again) I didn’t want to be patted on the back, I just wanted to do my job. Second… why the hell did it take her that long to work this shit out? People know who she is, they should be bending over backwards to get her stuff taken care of. I’m the first person who thought to say “Gimme the card, lemme see what I can do” in all that time? Failure of leadership man! Turns out the person in question is like VP in charge of career development though, so if I need to develop my career later she’ll have a favorable idea of my abilities.


Now, I will admit that this is the reason I moved to this store. I wanted to be seen by important people, but these things that I’m being praised for… they sort of bother me. I have an unhealthy relationship with praise to begin with, partly because I was a beautiful boy once and compliments are the sounds ordinary people make when I walk by. Second, I am a genius and I tend to forget that other people don’t see and act on things the way I do. Third, and this is the kicker, I keep getting told that a lot of people wouldn’t do what I did.


The old woman, they keep saying that so many people wouldn’t go that far. The executive, people didn’t help her. I have pretensions to being a person though, and as a result I extend myself in order to keep everyone believing I’m a human rather than some sort of robot. My boss is also getting around to the idea that I don’t have problems, just a series of solutions. I tend to say “Yes” and “We can do that” while at work a lot. Managers aren’t used to hearing that, it worries them at first. A couple more weeks and I’ll have him used to it.


So all in all, a pretty good week or two lately. The fact that this winter finally seems to be ending is also a good sign. It went on far too long for my liking.

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Give it a spin


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