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Twins in Death: Chapter Eight – Part Three

Twins in Death

A Tale of The Weirdo

By Brett N. Lashuay



Chapter Eight: Concerning Birds and Clones



October 24th, 2002

11:51 p.m.


            Jack sat in the Hole’s workout center, watching Max lift weights. He was technically supposed to be spotting him, but these being real people, instead of characters in a TV show, they tended not to be real sticklers for rules and regulations. Jack was spotting Max by sitting in a chair idly flipping through a Hong Kong newspaper. It was written in Mandarin, the particular story was about some investment concerns he had in Hong Kong. He had given up most his investments when the British gave up control to the Chinese but there were still a few he’d kept.


            Jack’s eyes flicked from the paper to Max every few seconds. He listened for the subtle sound of a lifter in trouble. Jack worked out on a regular basis but he rarely bothered with lifting weights. For someone with his strength, he’d have to lift a Buick to get the slightest resistance.


            “You know what I think?”  Max asked as he lifted the weights.


            “What do you think?”  Jack asked.


            “I think maybe he’s concerned he’s losing it.”


            “Losing what?”  Jack asked tossing the paper aside and walking to the weight bench.


            “It. Ya know. It.”  Max said, between lifts.  “What’s the last time you can remember him failing to completely beat the living shit outta the bad guys?”


            “Nothing springs to mind.” Jack said turning a page.


            “Exactly. So he gets beat a little bit in one fight and what happens to him? He thinks all of a sudden he can’t do much of anything.” His breathing was regular, and even.


            “I think you’re over simplifying the question.” Jack said.


            “Maybe, but I can do that.”


            “Yes, I suppose you might.” Jack said.


            “So you see, I’m thinking that we might want to watch over him a little more. Otherwise he might self destruct at an important point.”


            “Self destruct?” Jack mused the words over in his mind. “No, I don’t think he’ll do that. But we might want to watch him a little more closely, yes?”


            “Yeah.” Max said lowering the weights and sitting up on the bench. “I mean I don’t want the guy in charge to be going to pieces at an important moment.”


            “No.” Jack said, “Nor do I.”


            “And since he’s the guy in charge and can’t be replaced, we need to keep him on the level.”


            Max had been an orphan once upon a time. He’d lived on the streets for a while before The Weirdo saved him. Saved him from the cold, from thinking the only authority figures in the world were like his mother who had died three years before. Saved him from everything. He didn’t want anything to happen to The Weirdo before he could repay him for saving not only his life, but also possibly his soul.



October 25th, 2002

2:25 a.m.


            “So, are we ready?” Loki asked.


            “Nearly Loki.” Said one of them, tapping at a laptop in front of him. “We’ll need a few more days yet.”


            “How many days?” Loki asked.


            “About five?” Said the one who had been speaking, The Chex, he thought was the lad’s moniker.


            The Chex looked at his god and wondered why Loki didn’t know all this already. He had been told that the gods of old weren’t omniscient, though that word had to be explained to him using several small words. The Chex had grown up with a Catholic for a mother though, until she had been killed, and he had an idea about god. He had seen Loki take the rounds in the face though, and thought anyone who could do that probably was a god. Maybe a person didn’t have to be all-knowing to be a form of god.


            “Five days?” Loki asked.


            “Yeah.” The Chex said.


            “That’s fine then.” Loki said. “What about the rest of the weapons?”


            “We’ll have them all wound up when the rest is ready sir.” Another said. D Dogg was it? He was gaining so many it was hard to remember their names sometimes.


            “Good.” Loki said leaning back into a chair. “Where are we starting?”


            “We’ll already have Harlem and China Town.” The Chex said. “We thought to strike downtown first, all come into the center at once.”


            “Good.” Loki said. “And this all begins in five days.”


            “Right sir.”


            “Then my brother is all that we need to deal with.”


            “Do we help with that?” D Dogg asked.


            “No.” Loki said. “That is my private affair and no one should get even remotely involved with him.”


            “Yes Loki.” D Dogg said.





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