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Songs I don’t need anymore.

It’s odd to find a song when you no longer need it.

There was a time, I won’t say when, I would have listened to this on a loop. I would have been screaming the chorus with tears flowing down my eyes. Case in point, Somebody That I Used to Know…

That is, without a doubt, the bitterest break-up song I have ever heard. Considering that her friends did come up to pick up her records… it struck me. Yes, I only just heard that song like this week. Yes, I have heard about that Rock N Roll thing, but it won’t last!

But here’s the thing, I don’t need that song anymore. I don’t even need Alesana’s “Apology”, which really is a song you can scream along to…

*sigh* In my day you could understand every profane word Prince was screeching.

That’s sort of what has assured me it’s okay to start to do things. When all I think is “Catchy tune, struck some scars, but doesn’t dig in.”

“Over It” is a term that I think gets used too much. Besides, do any of us really Get Over Macho Grande? Particularly when we all still have to settle up over what happened in Sweden? Of course there is regret, of course there are things we remember, and of course old wounds still give us pain.

Frankly, these days I’m as likely to listen to Keeping the Faith as anything.

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