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A lawn and a house


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Twins in Death: Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven

Kestrel’s Tale



October 26th, 2002

10:15 p.m.


            The mansion had several libraries, small dark rooms with dark wood paneling and huge over stuffed chairs. These were close and vaguely claustrophobic rooms, comfortable as a rabbit’s hole in winter. One could easily take a blanket from the chests which sat in each one of them, curl up in a huge chair and spend the rest of one’s life reading. They were small rooms, designed for the reading of small books for comfort.


            The main library was huge, spanning more than three floors she supposed. Its walls were covered with books; many that had been read many times. The floor had three half-circle rings of bookshelves, filled with books of every description. It had a long shelf which served as the second floor and the shelves on the second floor went up high enough for a person to need a ladder since the second floor was also a third floor. It was much like the walkways along the side of the ballroom. The library, in fact, had a long tube like hall, which linked it to the ballroom. The library was the twin of the ballroom, save that the library was filled with books while the ballroom was a large space for dancing.


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