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Twins in Death: Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Sixteen

Halloween Night


The Palace


            Her name was Zhaznal, and she was the goddess of uncertainty. Not much is really known about her, at least from a mythological standpoint. There are, as far as we can discern, no legends or fables or indeed any myths of her at all. She does not seem to have any worshipers besides a few new age physicists who claim that she really runs everything in the universe. This is not quite true, she observes the universe, and by observing certain parts of universe she affects them. She cannot truly control the outcome but it’s a pretty safe bet that she would be the one to sit next to at a roulette wheel. Always bet on what she put her chips on if you get my meaning. The palace she lives in is a huge empty place, which appears to be strewn with spider webs.


            These webs are not actually the silk of spiders but instead are the physical interpretation of waveforms of possibility. The goddess and her assistants shift the outcome of events and thus create one reality or another, by collapsing the waveforms of possibility and causing events to come to fruition. By watching the strands very carefully, one can usually tell which strand is going to finally be left and thus which event is going to take place, those strands are usually thicker and more substantial. Still Zhaznal has the ability and the right to affect the final outcome, by deliberately choosing one strand or another when the final event comes close.


             It is said that if a single person could more easily perceive multiple dimensions and could see all the alternate realities they would more fully understand that Zhaznal and her assistants don’t actually eliminate strands, but rather they sort each possibility into a reality of its own. They shape every reality by putting each individual waveform of probability into a set of strands that make up each reality. Those realities are then said to be woven together into strings, which confound physicists and then make a rope, in which the mulitverse is contained as a whole and complete thing.


            There are billions or possibly trillions of tiny spider-like creatures helping Zhaznal in her task of plucking (or possibly selecting and moving) each stand. There are then large angelic like figures who help her in selecting the daily decisions while leaving the larger choices to her.


            At this moment, most of them were intently watching seventeen strands, which were hanging in two massive clumps together over a small chasm. One clump of webbing was the past and the other was the future. Strands stretched out from each of the strands and formed pools and rivers, which branched out into other things. The fate of the universe though, seemed to be based on these seventeen strands before them. One spider watched as The Weirdo and his double Loki walked towards the warehouse. If one of them walked away he would break one strand, if they didn’t, he’d break another. If they both walked away it would be a third.


            People think that the tiniest difference in the way they might have acted could change the universe. Such changes are rarely as large as anyone thinks, a real decision would have to be made because what with Fate, Luck, all the assorted gods, and Zhaznal watching, things generally turn out like they were supposed to. Every once in a while though, the outcome is not what people think it’s supposed to be. Sometimes they turn out one way because people have bribed Fate, Luck, many assorted gods and Zhaznal to do things one way. Sometimes they turn out another way because other Gods, and creatures who we haven’t even seen yet get wise to the bribery. There are times though that things turn out the way they do because revenge can be a larger motivating factor than duty.



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Bird is the word


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It’s not the leaving of Liverpool


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